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Busy day ahead, and I am so thankful for green tea……………..

Posted by Susan on November 28, 2008

Today is my typical day after Thanksgiving. I always have my niece for the day bacause my sister works (she’s in retail). And I usually spend the day cleaning and decorating for Christmas. I would also like to get my Xmas cards started today, and work on the vision board I haven’t had time for, and of course do laundry. Too ambitious? We’ll see what I can accomplish. The more I get done today the less I need to do this weekend so that is definately motivation.
I recently quit smoking (2 weeks ago). I am doing ok with it, my moods tend to be a little erratic , and I have cravings here and there but for the most part it is manageable. I am using the patch, and they work well for me, the only problem with them is they burn my skin. I end up having to alternate arms and legs each day and it gets confusing. I have replaced the smoking with a green tea habit. I drink it all day long. It curbs my appetite and it seems to be effecting my skin, it feels softer lately, and for some reason I am much less bloated. Since I am doing nothing different except the tea I am figuring the tea is the reason……and I’m glad !
I am trying to decide what to do . It is time to change up my workouts. This summer I did a 3 month Body for Life Challenge. It worked well for me, although I lost very little weight, I lost some inches and have kept them off ever since. The reason I think I didn’t do as well as I could have because for one thing I was smoking, that definately limited my ability to reach my “10’s” with my cardio. Another reason was my “free days”. I really had a free for all. I ate all day, crazy things just because I could. I think I undid all the good I did all week in that one day. If I had either not take the whole day or at least limited it I think I would have done a whole lot better.
I have been dying to try it again, using the knowledge I gained from the last challenge but I can’t decide when I want to start. Do I want to begin it Dec. 1st, or Jan 4th????
I need to workout today (weight training) before I start cleaning,not that I feel like it, but I need to snap out of this holiday mode and get moving. I have until Sunday to make a commitment to what I want to do next. B4L was the only thing I actually stuck with this year. I spent a LOT of time resarching different programs, trying new things and never sticking to any one thing long enough to get any real results. I am so impatient. I did stick to B4L and did see some long term results. I am thinking it is a good way to begin the year. It is easy, it doesn’t take alot of time, and it works. I guess that would be my answer huh?
Ok, enough sitting around, time to get to work. A full days ahead and it is already 9am……….

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Posted by Susan on November 27, 2008

Our Thansgiving dinner was fun and relaxing as usual. I’d planned out ahead of time that I wasn’t going to eat crazy just because it was a holiday, and I did well all things considered. I had one spoonful of everything. It was all so good ! I was proud of myself for showing a little disapline because most holidays I use as an excuse to stuff myself and always pay for it with stomach pains and reflux that keeps me awake all that night. I hate missing sleep because I was a glutton and always swear I will never do it again. This time I did well.

Dessert was another story. I did better than usual, I had a small taste (sliver) of each of the 3 different pies , and a magic cookie bar…….not too bad actually. It was a lot of fun hanging out with my brother and sister and our spouses,all the kids and my mother in law. We laughed and chatted and watched football ( not my thing, but hey, it’s Thanksgiving , right? ) , remembered holidays past, and caught up with each other. I am home now , thinking I will just get in my pajamas, make some hot tea, and find a good movie or watch some old Buffy the Vampire Slayer episodes with my husband.

Tomorrow it is back to real life again……. AM/PM workouts and every 2-3 hour eating schedual. It is nice to take a break now and then and enjoy a little time with good food and family………….as long I get back on track when it is over.

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Happy Thanksgiving !

Posted by Susan on November 27, 2008

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It’s time…….

Posted by Susan on November 27, 2008

It is time to commit to becoming the person I want to be. To stop allowing fear to rule all my actions and all of my decisoins. It’s time to live up to my potential, and stop making excuses.
In 2005 I weighed 210lbs. I was miserable. I wore the same blue track pants anytine I went out except for work, where I wear shapeless scrubs. I refused to buy any other clothes because for one thing, I hated trying things on in stores and secondly, I was not going to buy anything “until I lost weight”. The more disgusted I became with how I looked the more I ate.
Later that year I became engaged to the most wonderful man in the world. He loved me and all my flaws……even my fat! I decided to lose weight for my wedding. I dieted and did hours of cardio a day. By my wedding day I’d lost 25 lbs. I was only halfway to my ultimate goal, but it was better then were I was.
Right, a year and a half after my wedding day I am still struggeling with the 25lbs. that stand between me and my goal weight. I’ve spent the past year trying this and that, experimenting with different ideas, learing to eat clean, plan meals and workouts, and I FINALLY get the fact that I need to weight train in order to make the transformation that I want so badly. But with all my reasearch and all my reading up on things and all my trying this and that, I haven’t stuck with any one thing long enough to see the results I want.
I am hoping to take all this new found knowledge in this coming year and use it , commit to it, and accomplish my dreams. I am also hoping that in reaching my physical goals I will be inspired to aim higher,take risks in my life and gain confidence to be more than I ever thought I could be.

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