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Changed my mind ………yet again !

Posted by Susan on December 3, 2008

Ok. I really need to stop doing this………I again changed my mind but for good reason this time I think so bare with me……..
I had every intention of begining another BFL Challenge Monday. I was planning on doing an Upper Body workout Monday after work until that morning. I was getting dressed for work in the bathroom, (hubby was still asleep), and I happened to glance in the mirror. To my surprise , as I was moving my arms to put on my shirt I thought I saw somthing moving under my skin…….could that be……..NO WAY ! I could see muscle ! I was so excited !
I’ve been doing P90X for the past few months…but I hate their idea of cardio so I have been doing my own HIIT on my spin bike, treadmill, and elliptical. I like it better, I feel like I am getting something out of it, and after discovering some fantastic bogs , I’ve been inspired to throw in some endurence training and some hills and I am actively looking for a good set of stairs to mix it all up.
Anyway , I love the P90X weight training program. It uses alot of body weight exercises, and compound moves , and of course pull ups, that I can’t do (yet). I was getting frustrated because I am not always able to do all the exercises, (I have a really weak upper body) although I have improved imensely in the past few months.
The sighting of muscle, although fleeting inspired to to keep going . I work in a PT/OT Rehab office and I even got the therapists to help me with my ultimate goal…an unassited pull up. I recriuted my poor hubby to “assist” me yesterday, and the poor guy did most of the work, but I am determined to get there one of these days !
Today was a cardio day for me. I did 20 min HIIT on the spin bike before work, and did another 20 min. on the treadmill when I got home.
Eating has been good lately. Ever since I started drinking the green tea, and eating when I am hungry, trying to figure out if I am hungry or somthing altogether different…….I feel a difference. ( Thanx to Kelly- I bought Intuitive Eating) I am trying not to “restrict ” things and try to just eat well, but if I want something, really want it , I am just allowing it so I don’t binge like crazy once I have it. The funny thing about that is ….nothing is as good as you think it is going to be anyway. That is comforting…I am tired of dreaming about cheat meals and cheat desserts. I am sick of food totally ruling my life as well…especially at this time of year when it is EVERYWHERE ! Funny how telling yourself that you can have it if you want it….. asking yourself ….do I really want it…..makes alot of difference.


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