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Another week closer to the New Year

Posted by Susan on December 7, 2008

It’s a week closer to the Holiday…….This time of year especially, time flies by. The past week was good both foodwise and with workouts. I am doing my weight training on Tues, Thurs. and Sat. the other days are cardio days. I am working on mixing up my cardio. Doing combinations of SS and HIIT , the goal is to keep my body guessing.
As for food…I tried 2 new recipes this week…….turkey meatloaf, and low fat baked ziti……..both excellent, and I am totally set for meals the coming week. That helps me keep on track, not having to think about what to eat after a long day.
I haven’t weighed myself today, I forgot about it this morning so I will have to do it tomorrow (Mon. ) morning when I first get up. I am hoping for another 2 lbs……..fingers crossed.
My new attitude toward food is evolving. I spent from 2002-2005 in a vicious cycle of weekend bingeing. I am not talking eating too much…I am talking about stuffing myself to the point of feeling sick. I did it every weekend. Then when Monday rolled around…I would wake up with what I always called a “food hangover” , swear I would never eat that much again, and proceed to eat no carbs and very little food, and sometimes overtrain with hours of SS cardio as punishment for my weekend’s sins. But Saturday morning food shopping would roll around and the cycle would begin again, and again and again. In the end this behavior caused me to gain 60lbs. Plus in the end the abuse I put my body through also lead to severe attacks of reflux . I am able to control it as long as I don’t over eat,(not stuffing myself to the brim) and lay off anything fried, and anything really fatty.
Lately I have been reading Intuitive Eating, and I am trying impliment some of the strategies suggested in this book. It is working well for the most part. I am more aware of why I eat, and I am trying to let go of guilt when I eat something that maybe isn’t the best. From my past experience , I know that guilt leads me to have the “F” it attitude. I already ruined things for the day…so I will just go nuts, eat what I want and begin again tomorrow…..but that attitude lead to 60 extra pounds so we all know that never works.
So I am walking into the new week, hoping for continued sucess, because all in all I feel like I am making progess with this and I am motivated to continue to move forward.


One Response to “Another week closer to the New Year”

  1. Kelly Olexa said

    Keep up the good work and the great attitude, and FOCUS, that’s what it’s all about!!

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