All Things In Moderation

…….. and moderation in all things .

Posted by Susan on December 14, 2008

I have mixed feelings about Sundays. On the one hand I feel sad that the weekend is over, my “free time ” is over and back to the grind and routine of the week. On the other hand, I sort of find comfort in the weekly routine, and I am sort of excited to see what the new week will bring.

I spent today planning for the week ahead. I cooked my chicken breasts for the week, made my lunch for tomorrow and planned my menu for the week and my workouts for the week. I finished laundry and got my clothes set for the week. A normal Sunday of preparation.

I plan on weighing myself tomorrow. I wanted to do it today but ended up sleeping late and I forgot all about it. Last night was weird. I couldn’t sleep. I just lay there……I hate that ! I usually have no problems especially on weekends but last night was for some reason the exception.

I am looking forward to the end of the holidays and the start of the New Year. I have a lot of things I want to achieve and I am spending a lot of time thinking out my goals and planning ways to make them happen. I am researching different programs and ideas , trying to map out how I can best get my body fat down. I think that is the first thing I need to do, then figure it out from there. I am seriously considering doing some progress pictures and measurements tomorrow . I’ve been keeping a record for some time now , but to me, see little change. There is some but not enough for this entire year of work I’ve done. Some day I hope to post all the pictures showing the differences and the progression………right now, NO WAY!

So I move forward with another week. As I mentioned before this week I am cutting out statchy carbs just to see how my body will respond. I will aslo be starting week #2 in my workout experiment.


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