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They Finally Fit !!!!!!!

Posted by Susan on December 20, 2008

I’ve been holding on to a size 12 goal jeans for sometime now. They’ve actually “fit” to the point I could button them for sometime , but not enough to where I would actually wear them proudly in public.

This morning quite by accident I grabbed the first pair of jeans I put my hands on to run out and clean off my car (a lot of snow fall last night). I noticed they fit better , my size 14 have been feeling roomy lately. Sure enough upon further inspection, I was wearing size 12 !!!!!!

That is just the boost I need right now. I have been so confused and undecided about how to proceed in the coming year. Since I’ve posted my goals , I’ve been trying to come up with a plan to get me where I want to get. I know how to eat, there is no secret to that……no white carbs, or junk, as little processed as I can manage, lean protien, green leafy veggies. Six small meals per day, lots of water and green tea.

Deciding what workout program I want to do is killing me ! I go back and forth, up and down with this one. I had results on Body for Life. I would have had better results had I not gone totally nuts on my free day. That would be something I would deffinately change this time around.

Recently I downloaded a free 4 week Turbulence Training workout . I wanted to try it out before spending the money on another e book. Well, I am going into week 3 and I will say I really like it. I like the simplicity, the variety, and I like that I can actually complete all the exercises. I also like how efficient it is. I like having a shorter workout , but an intense workout.

I am also really intrigued by Valslides. I was also toying with the idea of the Red Carpet Ready Workout, but I am unsure if that is the body type I am actually going for…….I do like the Valslides and would love to add them to my routines, some of the exercises look killer and would definately benefit me.

So…….There is my dilemma. What program to do to reach my goal most effectively. I know that no matter what I path I choose, it will work if I am consistant and if I stick to it. I worked all year at reaching goals, blurry goals, goals that changed along the way. I also spent an entire year learning through trial and error. I did endless cardio, no weight training, for a while…obvioulsy got NOWHERE ! I starved, ate too much, ate too much processed, binged because I didn’t eat enough, over did the wrong things , under did the right things.

My focus this coming year is to look at all the things I learned, and use them as tools to reach my specific goals. I am going to take another week before I make my final decision , and once I make the choice I am sticking to it.

One Response to “They Finally Fit !!!!!!!”

  1. Kelly Olexa said

    Hey girl!! Congrats on your success!! That’s awesome. And I’m with you on trying to figure out what program to do. I bought THREE at once this summer. TT/RCR/WSFL.Yea. Dumb. For me, I really LOVE RCR but that’s me. You gotta find what YOU like. you will!!

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