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Snow in Connecticut

Posted by Susan on December 21, 2008

We have snow just in time for Christmas ! (I just hope it stays around for another 3-4 days) I am finally begining to feel the Christmas spirit creep up on me. I have been feeling sort of blah the past few weeks and I am glad it is finally lifting.

Another week begins , I am doing my usual Sunday planning….my food, my workouts, etc….. I am planning to eat clean until Wed. night, do my AM workouts, and take Thurs. off. I plan on eating what I want for the Holiday , but not stuffing myself to the point of being sick and uncomfortable…..just because I can. I want to concentrate on enjoying family and friends and try to make it more about that and less about the food.

I spent yesterday doing all the heavey cleaning in preparation for the Christmas Eve Party we are having. We did most of the food shopping and the house is pretty much ready. Some last minute things yet to do……..I need to make the baked ziti the night before so I can throw it in the oven as soon as I get home from work on Wed. and my husband still needs to make his famous peanut butter pie…..a tradition that family and friends insist on for the holidays.

It will be a busy week for sure , but still I am looking forward to it….finally ! The pictues above are of our home and the view off our back deck….I tried to get the lake in there but I am not sure you can see it….but is is still pretty !


One Response to “Snow in Connecticut”

  1. Kelly Olexa said

    Snow!!! Baked Ziti! Good stuff!!

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