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Negative Self Talk

Posted by Susan on December 22, 2008

Every once in a while it surfaces. That voice inside my head that asks me why the hell I am doing all this? It is usually during a 3:30 am workout, I am tired, sweaty, sometimes laying on the floor after killing myself for an hour or so.

Why is this so important? Is it really worth it? Who cares anyway? Your married, your husband loves you……..he asked you to marry him when you were 45lbs. heavier than you are now ! Wouldn’t it be nice to just live your life and not worry about what you eat? And on and on……….the voice badgers me.

I had a go-round this morning with this voice. I still , as always, continued my workout, ate a good breakfast and pretty much ignored it, but got to thinking about it on the ride to work. I think the reason why I refuse to give up this dream is pretty simple………I am just not ready to surrender, I’m unsure if I ever will be for that matter.

I did give up for a few years……it resulted in a huge weight gain and feeling so horrible about my physical appearence that I withdrew from everything. I made up excuses not to go places , I never bought new clothes because I was always “waiting until I lost weight”. I never want to return to that place in my life again.

I worked really hard and lost enough weight to feel better about myself… I want to go all the way. The bottom line here is I want to look good ! I want to be 45 years old and look and feel 35. I want to buy cute clothes, I want to wear a bikini and look great in it, I want to prove to myself that I can do anything I set my mind to.

So I guess that answers the questions “negative self talk” poses to me every now and then…..Yes it is worth it, I deserve it, and I am doing it for me….no one else…………. Take that !


One Response to “Negative Self Talk”

  1. Kelly Olexa said

    I was soooo posting about this today!! Weird!!

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