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Committing 100%

Posted by Susan on December 27, 2008

After a lot of thought and research, I’ve finally decided on a program for 2009. (whew !) I am going to begin tomorrow, even though it is not offically 2009 yet. I will committ 100% to this program , as I did to Body for Life. I have this bad habit of jumping from program to program not doing any one program long enough to see any real results. The plan is to not over load myself with information this year and just stay with one thing.

Last year I did Body for Life for the whole 12 weeks and I would say that out of all the things I tried last year it was the one thing I got some real and lasting results from. After BFL I once again began jumping from program to program and mad no further progress…very frustrating.

What I want at this point is to burn fat and see some muscle definition (especially Abs), and I feel this program will allow me to do this. Of course I do realize that my eating is going to have to be totally cleaned up in order to do this. I will be incorporating a cleaner diet into this program as well.

I will not be jumping around this year….this much I promise myself. I tend to want instant results….something I know in my head is not possible, but I can’t help myself from wanting it anyway.

I am excited about this new program, I think it is ideal for working out at home, and I think it is perfect for me in that it is not going take up hours and hours of my day. I work 40 hours a week and my job is very physical. I am literally running around all day and when I get home from work I am in no mood for another hour or more of working out. I am an early morning (3am sometimes) get it over with kind of gal. I also have a list a mile long of other goals I would like to reach this year that are not fitness related and I would like the time to persue those as well.

These thoughs were the basis of my decision, and I feel really good about it now that it is finally selttled in my mind. So Turbulence Training it is for 2009. I downloaded a sample 4 week workout last night. Next week I will download the entire program. I feel so relieved to finally have something in place, and I WILL stick to this …..see it through to the end ………2009 here I come !


One Response to “Committing 100%”

  1. Kelly Olexa said

    That’s awesome!! I hear great things about TT!!
    šŸ˜‰ You will nail it!!

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