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2009 Goals Posted

Posted by Susan on December 18, 2008

I’ve finally, after some thought over breakfast this morning, decided exactly what my goals are for 2009 ! I am actually excited about this and decided to share:

1. See my Abs. ( not too original I know but it is what I really want …)

2. Do an unassisted pull up.

3. See definition in my arms. (no more jiggle )

Those goals are not in any particular order. I just felt the need to post them so I can put them out there. I feel the need to make things happen this year. I will be turning 45……….. I can’t believe it , and a part of me just wants so badly to be a 45 yr. old with killer abs and no arm jiggle !!!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted by Susan on December 14, 2008

I have mixed feelings about Sundays. On the one hand I feel sad that the weekend is over, my “free time ” is over and back to the grind and routine of the week. On the other hand, I sort of find comfort in the weekly routine, and I am sort of excited to see what the new week will bring.

I spent today planning for the week ahead. I cooked my chicken breasts for the week, made my lunch for tomorrow and planned my menu for the week and my workouts for the week. I finished laundry and got my clothes set for the week. A normal Sunday of preparation.

I plan on weighing myself tomorrow. I wanted to do it today but ended up sleeping late and I forgot all about it. Last night was weird. I couldn’t sleep. I just lay there……I hate that ! I usually have no problems especially on weekends but last night was for some reason the exception.

I am looking forward to the end of the holidays and the start of the New Year. I have a lot of things I want to achieve and I am spending a lot of time thinking out my goals and planning ways to make them happen. I am researching different programs and ideas , trying to map out how I can best get my body fat down. I think that is the first thing I need to do, then figure it out from there. I am seriously considering doing some progress pictures and measurements tomorrow . I’ve been keeping a record for some time now , but to me, see little change. There is some but not enough for this entire year of work I’ve done. Some day I hope to post all the pictures showing the differences and the progression………right now, NO WAY!

So I move forward with another week. As I mentioned before this week I am cutting out statchy carbs just to see how my body will respond. I will aslo be starting week #2 in my workout experiment.

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A new toy and diet changes for next week………..

Posted by Susan on December 13, 2008

I bought a new toy this week….an Ab Wheel ! I love this thing . My ab muscles, both upper and lower , are killing me ! ( in the best way possible, of course ) I am adding it to the end of each of my workouts.
I am doing really well with my little experiment. The intense 30 min. workouts for the purpose of burning fat seem to be working well for me. I snuck a peek at the scale tonight and I am down another pound….that makes me feel great.
Next week I decided to play with my diet a little. I am eliminating all starchy carbs……sticking to fruit, veggies, and lean protien and nuts. I am curious to see if it makes a difference for me. I have this layer of fat on my belly that always seems impossible to get rid of. I know that “abs are made in the kitchen”, and I know that getting rid of that layer of fat will depend more on my intake than my out put. I will look at the weeks results and go from there.
I am using this last month before the new year to experiment a little before 2009 comes around. I know that I really want to lower my body fat this coming year, I know I want to gain some lean muscle, and I want some defination. But at the same time I want to try to make the results sustainable. I don’t want to get all of the things I want and not be able to keep it.
I have already decided that on Christmas I plan to eat as I did on Thanksgiving. A small serving of whatever I want….not over eating ( or paying the price for the over eating with reflux and no sleep ), but still enjoying. This is a practice I want to learn and use for the rest of my life, because saying I will never participate in any food related events ever again…..that is just not realistic.
The key to this whole fitness thing is to be able to live with it for a lifetime…..and complete denial of all “treat foods” will never work for me……finding a way to enjoy them without stuffing myself , or just eating for the sake of eating . This is my mission for 2009.

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Another week closer to the New Year

Posted by Susan on December 7, 2008

It’s a week closer to the Holiday…….This time of year especially, time flies by. The past week was good both foodwise and with workouts. I am doing my weight training on Tues, Thurs. and Sat. the other days are cardio days. I am working on mixing up my cardio. Doing combinations of SS and HIIT , the goal is to keep my body guessing.
As for food…I tried 2 new recipes this week…….turkey meatloaf, and low fat baked ziti……..both excellent, and I am totally set for meals the coming week. That helps me keep on track, not having to think about what to eat after a long day.
I haven’t weighed myself today, I forgot about it this morning so I will have to do it tomorrow (Mon. ) morning when I first get up. I am hoping for another 2 lbs……..fingers crossed.
My new attitude toward food is evolving. I spent from 2002-2005 in a vicious cycle of weekend bingeing. I am not talking eating too much…I am talking about stuffing myself to the point of feeling sick. I did it every weekend. Then when Monday rolled around…I would wake up with what I always called a “food hangover” , swear I would never eat that much again, and proceed to eat no carbs and very little food, and sometimes overtrain with hours of SS cardio as punishment for my weekend’s sins. But Saturday morning food shopping would roll around and the cycle would begin again, and again and again. In the end this behavior caused me to gain 60lbs. Plus in the end the abuse I put my body through also lead to severe attacks of reflux . I am able to control it as long as I don’t over eat,(not stuffing myself to the brim) and lay off anything fried, and anything really fatty.
Lately I have been reading Intuitive Eating, and I am trying impliment some of the strategies suggested in this book. It is working well for the most part. I am more aware of why I eat, and I am trying to let go of guilt when I eat something that maybe isn’t the best. From my past experience , I know that guilt leads me to have the “F” it attitude. I already ruined things for the day…so I will just go nuts, eat what I want and begin again tomorrow…..but that attitude lead to 60 extra pounds so we all know that never works.
So I am walking into the new week, hoping for continued sucess, because all in all I feel like I am making progess with this and I am motivated to continue to move forward.

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Changed my mind ………yet again !

Posted by Susan on December 3, 2008

Ok. I really need to stop doing this………I again changed my mind but for good reason this time I think so bare with me……..
I had every intention of begining another BFL Challenge Monday. I was planning on doing an Upper Body workout Monday after work until that morning. I was getting dressed for work in the bathroom, (hubby was still asleep), and I happened to glance in the mirror. To my surprise , as I was moving my arms to put on my shirt I thought I saw somthing moving under my skin…….could that be……..NO WAY ! I could see muscle ! I was so excited !
I’ve been doing P90X for the past few months…but I hate their idea of cardio so I have been doing my own HIIT on my spin bike, treadmill, and elliptical. I like it better, I feel like I am getting something out of it, and after discovering some fantastic bogs , I’ve been inspired to throw in some endurence training and some hills and I am actively looking for a good set of stairs to mix it all up.
Anyway , I love the P90X weight training program. It uses alot of body weight exercises, and compound moves , and of course pull ups, that I can’t do (yet). I was getting frustrated because I am not always able to do all the exercises, (I have a really weak upper body) although I have improved imensely in the past few months.
The sighting of muscle, although fleeting inspired to to keep going . I work in a PT/OT Rehab office and I even got the therapists to help me with my ultimate goal…an unassited pull up. I recriuted my poor hubby to “assist” me yesterday, and the poor guy did most of the work, but I am determined to get there one of these days !
Today was a cardio day for me. I did 20 min HIIT on the spin bike before work, and did another 20 min. on the treadmill when I got home.
Eating has been good lately. Ever since I started drinking the green tea, and eating when I am hungry, trying to figure out if I am hungry or somthing altogether different…….I feel a difference. ( Thanx to Kelly- I bought Intuitive Eating) I am trying not to “restrict ” things and try to just eat well, but if I want something, really want it , I am just allowing it so I don’t binge like crazy once I have it. The funny thing about that is ….nothing is as good as you think it is going to be anyway. That is comforting…I am tired of dreaming about cheat meals and cheat desserts. I am sick of food totally ruling my life as well…especially at this time of year when it is EVERYWHERE ! Funny how telling yourself that you can have it if you want it….. asking yourself ….do I really want it…..makes alot of difference.

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4 Day Weekend Comes to an End

Posted by Susan on December 1, 2008

Wow, that was quick ! Back to work tomorrow. I did nothing today, caught up on Trueblood episodes, drank green tea, and that is about it. Again today I wasn’t hungry. I have no idea what this is about, usually I am waiting for the next meal, this weekend it just didn’t matter. I pretty much just ate when I was hungry.
I did weigh myself today, as I do every Sun. and I am down another 2lbs…….that makes 4lbs. total since last week. I am happy about that ! Getting somewhere finally.
I plan on getting up tomorrow to do 30 min. of HIIT in the morning before work, and an Upper Body workout after work. I am starting another 3 month BFL Challenge, this time without the free for all cheat day, just a cheat dessert once a week, and with extra cardio…….I need it and I don’t care what anyone says. I’m 44…….it is really hard to get anywhere without it !
I will eat my 5 small meals and my green tea, water is not usually a problem for me. I am used to carrying around the bottle all day and I like water so it helps.
So on to another week. I hate Mondays but once I get through it, the rest of the week flys by. Week days are easy for me because I have a routine. I love routine, and it helps me keep things on track. weekends are a challenge for me usually , but I think I have a better handle on it now.
I am so afraid of gaining weight now that I’ve quit smoking, I really think about everything I put in my mouth because I remember what happened the last time I quit.
I know that I have to make a true commitment to diet and exercise as a lifestyle, I need to make it a habit and I need to make it sustainable. I am thinking seriously about the WHY. Why do I want this, why is it important to me. I am also trying to look at what is really going through my head when I am craving something. Am I bored? Angry? Sad? Frustrated? I need to keep myself motivated and just make the choice . I am trying to plan for each day as best I can , and let nothing stand between myself and my goals.
So here’s to a good , productive week !

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