All Things In Moderation

…….. and moderation in all things .


Posted by Susan on January 4, 2009

I feel sad today. I think I know why. For the past few weeks I have just let everything go. I eat things I never ever eat, I haven’t been training as consistantly as usual. I think that in not taking care of myself all my emotions become magnified. My body misses the good things and is feeling the loss of them. I feel sad, and I don’t sleep well, I feel slow and sluggish and cranky……my poor husband, I know he is feeling the brunt of my moodiness.

Time to get back to normal. I start my first TT workout tomorrow morning, and I will be getting the food back to normal as well. I am ready, and more importantly my body NEEDS it. I see how important my healthy lifestyle as become. Maybe this past year I didn’t get to the exact goals I set for myself, but I did do domething good. I set a new way of living for myself. I got in the habit of eating well more than most of the time, the habit of enough sleep, of good workouts. Now I am to the point where if I don’t give my body these things, I miss them.

So I think that tomorrow will be a better day, I won’t feel so sad and I will get my body back into the lifestyle it is used to. One important thing these past weeks have given me is the knowledge that the past, the way I used to live before losing weight and learning how to workout correctly, is a place I do not want to go back to. It is not only physically no good for me, it is not mentally any good either.


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