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Posted by Susan on January 6, 2009

Today is my 45th Birthday. I went through a wide spectrum of emotions leading up to today. I hate the idea of getting older. But what can I do? I can’t turn back time, I can’t change it so my only choce here is to accept it.

What I can do though is choose how live out my 45th year. I feel the need to transform myself this year, to redefine myself. I am going to choose to take this as an opportunity to improve myself physically. I will create a whole new definition of 45 !

I am feeling some definate DOMS today form yesterday’s workout. I am amazed and impressed that this workout is so simple yet so effective ! I can’t wait for tomorrow ! I worked today on finishing my vision board. It will hang in my gym so I can see it everyday.


2 Responses to “45”

  1. Jacey said

    Happy birthday. I’m right behind you. I will be 45 in April.

  2. vinita said

    I am not a blogger so i can add myself on your followers list. But, i’ve been reading your blog since the last month. I am from India and my name is Vrishali , i am 30years old and what really encouraged me to add your blog in my favourites section is that you are trying to lose weight which i want to do and that you are a married woman like me. Your blog is a real motivation whenever i feel lazy to workout. i need to lose 15 kgs of weight(i dont know how much that converts into pounds). my weight was once 53 kgs, ever since i got engaged i started putting on weight because of my hectic work schedule and wrong eating habits and now my weight is 73 kgs. i just checked today at the doctors. But yes, your blog does inspire me to carry on with my exercises.
    Hey, Wish you a very Happy Birthday and All the Best with your new program. Take care.

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