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Saturday: Cleaning Day

Posted by Susan on January 10, 2009

I only had half a week of good behavior….but half is better than nothing. The birthday extravaganza ended Wed. morning with a 3am workout. I eat well all week, until last night when I gave in to a belated birthday dinner , I had my fav eggplant parm. It was the first night out in months so I figured why not !

But today I cam back on the horse and plan on staying on ! Today is an Active Rest day….for me that means housework…..tons of it ! I’ve really let things slide in that department. I will be cleaning for hours so no worries that I won’t get in 30 min. of activity. If I have time later though I would love to get in some SS cardio just for the fun of it. I will see how things go.

I have completed on full week of TT and I am so loving it ! I have DOMS like mad, I get the entire workout completed in 45 min. tops, and I feel a difference. I decided against a weigh in on Sun. because I know with only 1/2 a week of decent food intake I will be disappointed, and I don’t need that now. I am fully aware that I’ve gained over the Holidays by the way my clothes fit and I am trying to just accept it and move on…no need to weigh myself and rub my nose in it right?

I also recieved my new book yesterday, “The Body Fat Solution” by Tom Venuto. I read the introduction , and I’ve been reading reviews about it. I am so excited to jump into it. I like the idea of “simple”. I think one of my main problems on this journey, this struggle, has been confusing and frustrating myself by trying to make this much more complicated than it needs to be ! I tend to suffer from information overload as I’ve mentioned before. I need to keep things simple and easy.

Another aspect of TT I love is the idea of getting my workouts in and done in a shorter amount of time. I have soooooo many goals this year. I need to look at them all and have the time to accomplish them as well. I do intend to focus on my physical goals 100%, but I need to also balence my life . I also figure, keeping busy with other things keeps me away from the food during the times I am not schedualed to eat.

Ok off to clean this house so I have some extra time to possibly do some time on the elliptical and read my new book…..Happy Saturday !

One Response to “Saturday: Cleaning Day”

  1. Jacey said

    I need to check out TT. Another of our bloggers – Krissa – is doing the TT Challenge.

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