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Experiment: IF

Posted by Susan on January 20, 2009

Another week underway. I am off today from work , waiting for a reapir man between 1-4. Don’t you love those wide windows they give you?

Today is a “Active Rest” day for me workout-wise, I plan on doing 30 min. of SS on the elliptical since I am not working today ( my job is very physical, so I don’t worry about not getting activity on active rest days). With the waiting I will be doing today I should have plenty of opportunity.

I’ve been doing some research this weekend on Intermittent Fasting. I find it very interesting really. I have always been against any sort of fasting , always been of the belief it was damaging to your body. But in doing some research I feel like maybe it makes some valid points. They suggest 1-2 days of fasting, all different time periods. I have decided to do an experiment with it this week. On Wed. night I will have dinner, and then attempt not to eat again until dinner on Thurs. night. I am curious if #1) I can actually pull it off #2) If it will make any difference at all when I weigh in on Sun. and #3) if it will show allow me to get in touch with what real hunger feels like, because I KNOW I have no clue. I eat for many, many reasons, hunger rarely one of them.

IF followers claim that fasting helps put food in perpective and frees you from thinking, preparing, and watching the clock in regards to food. I would love a to be free of the dreaded food obsession! Some times I feel like my life revolves around it !

So out of this experiment , a few things could happen. For one thing it may trigger an all out binge, from the deprivation. Or I may not even make it to lunch ! Or it may be easier than I think and I may see some results from it. I am open to finding out……….wish me luck !


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