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Mixed Feelings

Posted by Susan on January 25, 2009

Ok, today is my schedualed weigh in day……..and I am not impressed. But at the same time I am. I lost no weight in actual pounds. I did go from 39.8 fat % to 39.0 fat % ! That is a victory. My BMI did not change at all either.

I did one 24 hour fast this week. It actually was not too hard, I felt nothing really until the end. As long as I kept hydrated I was fine, I felt fine. I did chew gum here and there , not too much, and allowed myself a Diet Coke, something I haven’t had in a long time. By the 23rd hour my head began to hurt, and I was definately hungry.

I am begining my last week of my first phase of TT. I love it still, I see a difference in my arms, the jiggle is definately imporved, and I feel it inch-wise, my clothing feeling much looser. I am going to try two 24 hour fasts this week and instead of just using my usual hectic work day as my physical activity for my active rest day, I have decided to do 30-45 min. of SS cardio in the mornings. I am also going to keep close eye on my food. I keep a food journal anyway, but I will keep things simple and watch portions closer.

I have also decided to move my weigh in day and Rest day to Saturdays instead of Sundays. That means I have to get in a SS cardio session today…………that should not be too hard .

I know I should be happier about the fat loss than the scale movement….but when you work so hard and see nothing move…it is frustrating as hell ! I hate how much I weigh. The number bugs me to no end ! But the entire purpose for me chosing TT in the first place was to BURN FAT! And I am doing it…….so I just need to change my mind set and forget the scale……easier said than done !

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