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Feeling like ………………………………

Posted by Susan on February 8, 2009

I feel like crap ! The older I get the more erratic and the more painful my period becomes. The only thing that helps is chocolate (I allow it at times like these !) and laying quietly in the fetal position !

I am not even bothering to weigh in this week….I know it will just frustrate me so I will do it next week instead. I haven’t worked out today, but I will later on. I haven’t missed a day yet and I will not miss today. I will just wait till after lunch.

I am entering the second week of TT Original program…still love it ! This week I plan on doing extra cardio. I usually use work as my 30 min. of movement on off days of TT. I run for 8 hours nonstop at work and felt that was enough. This week I am adding extra HIIT to see what happens. I hate SS cardio with a passion. This is a weird statement coming from a former Cardio Queen. Since I’ve discovered HIIT I can’t seem to look back. This week’s schedual….TOM be damned….goes like this:

Mon: TT/O: B, HIIT on Spin Bike
Tues: HIIT: Treadmill
Wed: TT/O:A, HIIT on Spin Bike
Thur: HIIT: Treadmill
Fri: TT/O: B, HIIT on Spin Bike
Sat: HIIT: Treadmill

Food for this week is already prepared. I made turkey meatloaf yesterday for dinners and chickpea burgers for lunches, and I will be fasting both Tues. and Fri.

We will see what next week’s weigh in brings. I don’t feel like I gained anything, even though my eating hasn’t been perfect. I haven’t “crazy binged” in quite sometime. I think that the fasting helped that. I seem to see food differently since I began doing it. I know what hunger feels like, I know that what I’ve thought of as hunger in the past was not hunger, and that cravings pass. I was so confused about eating and it occupied so much of my time and thoughts. Now I eat less because I know smaller portions are satisfying. I will not say I am eating too little, but I am leaning toward more of a 3 meal a day pattern, snack when I need them , but I find that I really don’t need them. I am glad that the fasting works for me, and although I know it is not something that a lot of people agree with, it works for me and that is all that matters.


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