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Can’t Sleep

Posted by Susan on February 14, 2009

It is 2:35am Saturday morning , and for whatever reason I can’t sleep. This is the second time this week !!!! UGH ! At least I don’t have to face a day of work tomorrow on top of the lack of rest!

This week was somewhat of a wash. I fasted on Wed. and Fri. , got in all my workouts, but none of the extra cardio I had planned. With the begining of the week so horrible……..TOM hit me like a Mack Truck…….it threw me totally off. Not making excuses, it just is what it is. I did my best, sometimes unexpected “Life Stuff” gets in the way.

The coming week is bringing even more unexpected road blocks but since I got some warning about the chaos that will be Mon. and Tues., I can plan a bit better and possibly get more done than this past week.

Later this morning will be my weigh in. I haven’t done it in 2 weeks now. I will be doing it BEFORE Valentine’s Day breakfast. We have my niece today, as we usually do on Saturdays , so we decided to just have a romantic breakfast instead to dinner. I plan on enjoying a little “cheat meal”. Eating especially suffered because of TOM . I physically NEEDED chocolate ! It made me feel better, and I allow it in those circumstances !! I literally ate some everyday for 3 days , and I don’t care…it was necessary !
Hopefully I will be able to shuffle things around next week so that I am able to fit in all the craziness I need to fit in and still get in the usual workouts and the extra intervals I want to add. I am also noticing (aside from TOM) I don’t need to eat as much anymore. Is it the fasting? Not sure . All I know is that fasting days are suprisingly easy for me, and on non fasting days, when I am able to eat on a regular basis, I tend to not eat like I used to. I am always hungry for breakfast and that meal tends to be large. I used to pack lunch and 2 snacks everyday and it has come down to just the one snack….sometimes I am not hungry for it….and lunch. Since Hubby and I are trying to save money, I find that not eating as much leads to not buying as much at the Market, another plus.
I have been wondering for sometime if I should be eating when not hungry, just to get the every 2-3 hours of food in. From doing the IF I realize now that I am not always hungry at specified meal times. I think it is more benificial to eat when hungry and teach my body and mind to respond to that instead of the every 2-3 hour plan. In other words, I just don’t think , for me, that concentrating so much on food is healthy. I have been known in the past to eat for comfort, from stress, from emotions rather than from hunger and I really want to steer clear of that. I still do it from time to time but NOTHING like the terrible binge eating I did a few years ago.
I think the answer is to pack a healthy lunch and a healthy snack to eat if I need it, if I feel hungry for it. (3 days a week, I fast 2 days a week ). Ok maybe it is time to try sleep again….wish me luck !

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