All Things In Moderation

…….. and moderation in all things .

Time to get serious…….

Posted by Susan on February 16, 2009

The past few weeks I have been definately falling short on my fitness goals. I am eating things I never eat, not even paying attention to what I eat on weekends, I am not pushing myself as hard as I could be in my workouts, and I am all in all not giving this my best effort. I know I can do more, I know I can do better. The months are slipping by and summer is fast approaching ! I need to step it up.

So as of now, this very moment, I will make some changes. I need forget excuses, I need to start writing down my food and keeping track of my calories, and stick to a strict 6-7 day workout week. I am not progressing and there is only one reason why………. ME!

My new goal is to lose 10lbs. and or be a size 12 by June. That is plenty of time so there is no reason I cannot reach this goal. I know what I have to do, and I have all the tools and resourses to do it. I just need to want it badly enough. It is a decision, a promise to myself. I have to sacrifice , not cave in on weekends when I want to eat little goodies here and there. No more TOM excuses, no more excuses period !

Tomorrow morning I have to be in work an hour ealier (6am). I will get up early to do a 20 min. HIIT session on the treadmill as well and track all of my food. I am planning on a IF tomorrow…….5:30pm tonight till 5;30pm tomorrow night. Fortunately IF days are easier than days I need to stick to a food plan, as wierd as that may sound.

I am so tired of being stuck, but I do nothing to unstick myself ! It is maddening ! So I begin again…..make new goals, add some extra cardio, both HIIT and SS, and push myself in my TT workouts. I NEED to burn this fat ! I need to get this weight off. I need to stop standing in my own way. I need to decide what is more important to me…………..another summer hiding myself away, taking the pictures but never allowing anyone to take them of me, and just feeling badly about myself in general, or that bowl of ice cream, that cookie, that piece of cake. I am sick and tired of living in this body and it is time to tak action, to make the change. The slacking off just doesn’t cut it anymore. I need to really keep track of EVERYTHING !

So here’s to my fresh start, to progress, and to getting serious about this weigh loss journey , the time is now. I either do it all the way or just foget it all together and accept myself as I am and move on……….and I know that is something I could never live with. So my choice is made…………

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