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Looking Ahead To A New Week

Posted by Susan on February 22, 2009

I am so excited about the coming week. The weight loss of the past week has really motivated me and I am ready to face a new week with confidence and determination. I have no early work days this week so I am right back into my normal routine and for me that is good. I plan on doing my usual 2 IF days, and doing a 6 day workout week, Saturdays being my rest day…..but it is never really resting completely because I always have things around the house to do.

I did really well foodwise yesterday. I tracked all of my eats. I even made room for a special snack…….I had my sister and my niece over last night for a slumber party. We had popcorn (140 cal. lite popcorn), and a movie. It was fun. I also had a small family get together to attend , with the usual fatty snacks served… was hard but I resisted. Only one thing….my mother in law was serving some cheesey thing…it was only a tiny square of it, I have no idea what was in it, all I know is it was cheesey and bready, and greasey. Well, witout even thinking I accepted a piece when she was passing it around. It was so automatic, I wasn’t thinking……once I had it I felt rude saying no, it was small , bite sized, so I just ate it. But I was so pissed at myself. It is so easy to not pay attention and , totally on auto-pilot, revert to old habits. Oh well, I tried very hard to just isolate it and forget it.

This morning my husband was making breakfast for us, the slumber party crew, and I told him that I wanted to make my own breakfast, my usual, oatmeal and egg whites. I love it and I don’t mind passing up the eggs, sausage and homefries. He kind of gave me a hard time, and I was surprised. He is always very supportive of my weight loss efforts. He said that it wouldn’t kill me to eat a special breakfast…….but to me , that is where it starts….the one indulgence that ends up throwing my entire weekend in the trash can. I stuck to my guns and ate my regualr meal, and he didn’t mention it again. Sometimes people don’t understand. It doesn’t mean they don’t love you, or that they are trying to sabotage your efforts, they just don’t get it. That is when being clear in your intentions and focused on your goals comes in. It is all about what is important to you. There are always choices.

Next week I plan to push it, and work as hard as I can to get at least a 2 lb. loss by my next weigh in. I am really happy that I have broken out of the 170’s. I have been stuck there for soooooo long. Since before Dec. I plan to reach my goal of 166lbs. by this time next week…wish me luck !

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