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Night Time Muncher

Posted by Susan on February 25, 2009

I am a night time snacker, always have been and always probably will be. I can eat flawlessly all day long. Say no to all the at work birthday cakes and all the ordering out that everyone does there. I can do so well………..that is until about 8pm. Then I am a total mess. I am suddenly starving and eat so crappy that it pretty much negates an entire day of good eating. I am positively sure that nightime eating was insturmental to my (HUGE) weight gain pre- wedding.
But I found a solution to this problem. I changed my schedual completely. I usually leave my house for work at 6am. I like working out before work because I like to get it over with, I find if I wait until after work I am more apt to skip it. So because of my early workout time, I go to bed early. REALLY early ! I go to bed at 7-7:30pm every night. My husband thinks I am looney, but it is an effective defense against my night time eating problem ! I eat dinner and 2 hour or so later I go to bed and read, and I am out ! Sleeping 8 hours a night has canceled out the munchies !

They say that 7-8 hours of sleep is a very large part of the weight loss puzzle. So I use that as a great excuse. DVR is important too! I tape all my TV shows during the week, and watch them on Sunday afternoons when I get down time.
The reason I am mentioning my strange habit of early night and early mornings is to prove a point. If you think hard enough, and are really serious about the weight loss game, you can figure out ways around obstacles. You can find solutions to all your to all the problems that present themselves along the way no matter how long you’ve struggled with them. If you want it badly enough, if you are committed to it, nothing will stop you….and no matter how crazy your solution may sound to anyone else……as long as it works for you….who cares ?

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