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This Sucks !!!!!!

Posted by Susan on March 4, 2009

This week started really well……..but has changed drastically !!! I was worked out my regular AM’s Monday and Tues. Monday my knee felt weird. It was doing some funky clicking when I walked , no pain….just weird. Like the fool I am, Tuesday I did a 30 min. HIIT session, was fine afterward, no pain. I went to work and couldn’t bend my knee by the afternoon and when I got home my knee was the size of a grapefriut. Now I am scared. I iced it, took anti-inflamitories, and went to bed. This morning it was still swollen…….so I didn’t workout. Right now I am resting it and have ice on it, but it is impossible to rest and ice at work… I just wrapped it and dealt with it.
I am working out tomorrow I decided , I am just not doing any running for a while, I will stick to the elliptical and bike for now. I will have a 3 day weekend to rest it and ice it. I just have to make it through tomorrow. On top of all this knee stuff, today I recieved a very unpleasant gift……TOM!!!! I am starving……….I want to eat anything and everything I can get my hands on. BUT, I am NOT! I made it through today with in my calorie range and plan on fasting tomorrow. I want to have pizza with my Hubby for his birthday Friday, and I may even allow myself a sweet, decadent dessert as well. Maybe.
Anyway, this set back really upsets me. I want so badly to keep up this roll I am on. I have been doing excellent, eating has been great and workouts have been as well. Now I am afraid to push myself. I will take it easy on my legs tomorrow , but I NEED to workout ! It effects me so positively, it helps my mood, and it helps my attitude at work, and when I am PMSing, it helps me even more. Now I am a little frustrated. That’s ok though…I refuse to give up. I will get this knee thing resolved and I will work around the injury as much as possible.
This situation would be the perfect excuse to quit, to say…oh well I will just fall off the wagon for now, pick it up again when I feel better……but no. I will not use excuses, I will not turn back now (especially after a 9 lb. loss, that is just too far to have come ). So tomorrow I will do what I can, lay off the treadmill for now and move forward as best I can….it is my only choice………….giving up is not an option.

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