All Things In Moderation

…….. and moderation in all things .

I am not a very fun date……….

Posted by Susan on March 7, 2009

Sometimes I feel sorry for my husband. I was so obsessed this morning about what I was going to order for breakfast this morning. And as always he was forced to listen to me the entire way there. (thankfully it was only a 10 min. ride to the diner from our house) I get there and look at the menu, praying they have a lite section……..but no they do not. The only thing they do offer is anything cooked with with Eggbeaters for .50 extra……ok, something to work with. I ended up ordering a mushroom omlette with Eggbeaters and rye toast…..probably should have skipped buttered toast, but I did ask for them to hold the potatoes (and I adore them !) I guess that wasn’t too bad.
What I hate about eating out is that no matter what you order, you can definately make it at home for a lot less calories. I end up eating a larger amount of calories and especially when it is breakfast, it throws my entire day off. Oh well, I best get used to it, this is life and I need to live it. As a very wise, wonderful new friend reminded me……this is for life and it would be unrealistic to think I can live the rest of my life avoiding eating out. So, all in all I did well, it was yummy and although it caused some panic, (sort of a dumb reaction, but oh well!) I did ok.
My knee feels much, much better, and I plan on resting it until Monday morning. I cannot wait to workout again. I miss it for so many reasons. I am excited to get back to it ! Part of me wants to start tomorrow, but I want to be sure it is 100%, because I do NOT want to miss another week of exercise.

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