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Saturday Morning Weigh-in !

Posted by Susan on March 7, 2009

Relief !!!!! I wanted to sleep a bit later this morning, but in my head, the scale was nagging me. So I got up, made sure my bladder was an empty as possible, and stepped on the scale. SURPRISE !!!!!! I am down 2.6 lbs !!!! I am sooooooo relieved !!!!!! Although this week did not turn out as planned……it was definately NOT a typical week for me. The only thing I did do was to eat well…the rest of it was out of my hands. I had a swollen knee, TOM, and a birthday dinner planned with my husband……and inspite of all the challenges the week held…I lost anyway ! I am extremely happy !
Here are my stats. for this week:
Weight : 162.6 : (2.6 lb. loss)
Fat % : 24.2 : (.2 % loss)
BMI : 37.0 : (1 loss)
The bad thing about early Saturday morning weigh-ins, is that is is too early to tell anyone ! Everyone is asleep !!!!!! Oh well….I am still happy… I must conquer breakfast out at the diner.
The most important thing this week has taught me is that no matter what happens, I can always keep my calories under control, and I am so grateful for finally listening to advice I’d gotten a year ago. I had a free consultation with a dietician, and she told me to keep a food journal and track calories…I did it for a while, but got tired of it, got tired of weighing and measuring, I got sick of it all. I thought I could just eye it and be fine. Funny but the eye seems to warp measurements after a while………. I am sooooo glad I went back and took advice from an expert. The way I see it now, the advice was priceless, I have gotten excellent results since going back to basics !!! I will have to let her know what a great gift she gave me next time I see her !

One Response to “Saturday Morning Weigh-in !”

  1. Jen, a priorfatgirl said

    holy weight loss! Congratulations on your 2.6lbs loss

    That is way exciting!

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