All Things In Moderation

…….. and moderation in all things .

Party #2 : (didn’t do so hot !)

Posted by Susan on March 15, 2009

The second party of my weekend of birthday celebrations did not go as well as I had planned. I ended up eating bread, something I had not planned for. It was sooo fresh and so yummy ! I still did not go over the higher range of my daily calorie alottment, but I didn’t do as well as I would have liked to. But I refuse to beat myself up over it…..just isolate it and move on .

I am just really glad that all the party activities are over and I have an entire week to make up for my bread sins. I am looking forward to getting my life back to normal tomorrow. I can’t wait to workout tomorrow and eat normal stuff and get back to normal. I was really stressed about this weekend and although I did not do perfect (today especially) I did a lot better than I’ve done in the past. I used to use special events as an excuse to go crazy, and I always felt sick and awful afterward not only from the food but from guilt as well. This time I am happy to say that even with the unplanned bread I still did ok and I definately did not binge……that is big progress for me. There are all kinds of bumps and twists and turns in this jouney. I need to learn to navigate my way around them and get through as best I can. I had a little stumble today….but tomorrow is a new day !!!!!

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