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No Such Thing As a Quick Fix………..

Posted by Susan on March 26, 2009

Another day……my this week off has flown by !!!!! Today nothing is really planned, I will hang out with my sister at some point but that’s about it as far as any plans go. Today is a cardio day for me. Becuse yesterday I was showing my friend some body weight exercises, I ended up pretty much working out with her….so I did double circuits, and I am a little sore today. But a little extra is a good thing right?

I am anxious to see if my workout buddy did her HIIT this morning that I schedualed for her. I hope she did. My friend had Gastric Bypass Surgery 3 years ago. She did really well, she lost over 100 lbs. One thing she did not do while going through this drastic weight loss journey was exercise. I bugged her all the time about it, but she just refused. She hated it, didn’t have time, and didn’t think it was important.

Now 3 years later, her weight is creeping back and she is getting nervous. Becuase the past few months I have been seeing some noticable results, she is begining to see how important as well as necessary working out along with eating right is. That is why I took the time yesterday to show her some quick , easy but effective things that should help.

We went to Walmart, bought her some things , one especially I insisted on was the calorie counting book. I am convinced that half the world has no clue what they are eating in a day. I asked her (begged her) to take 3 days, eat exactly what you always eat….everything ! ………..and write it down. At the end of the day I told her to add it up and see exactly what the number is. I don’t understand why no one wants to do this?????? I know it is a pain in the neck, I know it takes time, but wouldn’t you want to know if your eating too much? If you can cut back on some things, figure out better portion sizes so you can still eat what you want and not gain weight????? I don’t get the reisitance…….I do it so automatically that I don’t even think about it anymore and it takes me no time at all. Sometimes it even leads me to not eating something crappy because I do not want to log it in and add it. And I have also discovered that there are some things that are just not worth their calories… for example fun size candy bars…..80 calories…….forget it ! I could have something better for me and more satisfying for 100 !!!!! I am sick of people telling me it is obsessive ! It is smart ! It makes sense!

Ok enough ranting. The moral of this story is this……………there is NO such thing as a quick fix !!!!!!!!! No pill, no surgery, no magic exercise program that does not require you to get off the sofa !! NOTHING ! It is work, and it sometimes stinks ! I can’t tell you how many times I have been laying on the floor in my workout room at 3AM between sets of circuits and thought “what the hell am I doing? Am I nuts?” How many times I wanted to grab a candy bar at the check out counter when I buy something and say……” oh well one little slip won’t hurt, I will just pretend it never happened !” There are time that I give in , but more time that I don’t and that has brought me the sucess I have had so far.

If you are ready for change and really want it, it is worth the effort. I hope my friend is ready to see finally that she cannot stop this slow steady weight gain without taking action and being willing. From some of our talks yesterday I am not sure she is, but I hope so……it is a hard lesson to learn, and sometimes it is a lesson you need to learn by experience…..I was hoping to save her some trouble but sometimes you just have to see for yourself. I know I took that road. It took a huge weight gain and a lot of wasted time , money, and a lot of heartache before I did the things I knew all along I was supposed to do.

Ok enough preaching for one day….on to breakfast and cardio …….Have a good one !

* I asked my friend permission to mention her in my blog today, and she agreed. (Thanx Friend !)

2 Responses to “No Such Thing As a Quick Fix………..”

  1. Jen, a priorfatgirl said

    uh…did you really post this at 4:30am? If so, are you NUTS? Sleep. That’s what you should be doing πŸ™‚

    LOL – Anyways, I totally 100% absolutely agree with EVERYTHING you said! People think they are being healthy by splitting meals – little do they know the meal is 2900 calories. I am convinced some people (including my priorfat self) would rather plead ignorance then admit what they are doing wrong!

  2. Susan said

    NOOO !!!! my time stamp thingy is off…..I am nuts but not THAT nuts !!! πŸ™‚

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