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Weekly Weigh In:

Posted by Susan on March 28, 2009

Well…..this morning’s weigh in was not exactly what I’d hoped….but it is my own fault and I take full responsiblity. I was up 1.4 lbs. I did really good this week, did extra cardio, everything was perfect…..until last night ! The best mexican I have EVER had….I over did it in the guacamole dept. , and ate 2 fajitas, when I should have had 1 and brought the rest home. I had a few bites of some incerdible creamy potatoes, and a few bites of some yummy plantians, and ended the evening with a few bites of flan….all of it was exceptional !!! I ate really late, so I didn’t sleep so hot…being full and boated makes me sleep like crap no matter how many tums I chew on ! I was so wound up after dinner and catching up on over a years worth of goings on with my friend, that iI didn’t get to bed until ater 1 AM !!! I STILL feel like I just ate !!!!!!!

So anyway……I blew my weigh in big time, but the food and the company was soo worth it and I am not upset about it. I will lose more next week when my body is back on schedual. The one good thing is that when I put on my Size 12 jeans last night to go out, they were really baggy in the butt area…….it may be time to go down a size soon (YAY!).

What this weigh in has taught me is this: I still have to live my life, I deserve to enjoy a good meal with a good friend, and aside from all the yummy guacamole, and the exta fajita, I didn’t do so bad….I just need to learn to stop when I am full….I did sort of , I just need to do a little better. There’s always next week. I am toying with the idea of weighing myself again tomorrow morning considering I still feel like I just ate ! But I think it is better to fess up to my food sins and move on.

Right now I cannot even THINK about eating breakfast ! EWWW! I still have a definate food hangover and I still feel a bit of the bloat ! But the big difference in all this is my reaction ! I am not upset, frustrated or freaked out. I am fine with it. I know what I did, I don’t honestly feel like I undid any of the good I have been doing. I just feel like this is life. I am nuts if I think this will never happen, I can’t say no everytime someone asks me out, and I can’t deprive myself all the time. This is just part of my journey, and next week will be better….and I know it !!!

2 Responses to “Weekly Weigh In:”

  1. cutecynicalchubbygirl said

    Congrats on being able to accept and move on. I think this has been one of my biggest challenges in the past, and what ultimately leads me to get frustrated and give up – I have felt like, omg, i can’t stick to this, i suck at this, it is never going to work. But you said it – you owned it and you know that it isn’t ruining everything. That’s an awesome revelation!

  2. Nancy said

    Good for you that you aren’t beating yourself up over just one night. For all the hard work you do the rest of the time, you deserve a treat once in a while. We all have those times when we aren’t restricting ourselves as usual, and that’s ok! I’m glad you are allowing yourself to be human and enjoy a night out with an old friend! Nancy.

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