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Confession Time……………

Posted by Susan on March 29, 2009

Ok, time to come clean….this morning when I got up I couldn’t help myself…..I weighed myself ! I know, I was going to let it go, and I have, but I was curious. I am at the exact same weight as I was at last week’s weigh in. That makes me feel a bit better.

I need to start thinking logically here………..I am 158 lbs. down from 186 lbs. at the end of last year, and down from 210 lbs. from the every start of this journey. I am only 13 lbs. away from my ultimate goal of 145 lbs. My weight loss progress is going to slow down…….the less I have to lose the harder it will be to lose it. I need to keep my eye on the prize and keep moving ahead. I feel like in this year so far I have learned sooooo many lessons, and Friday night was one of them. I have come a long way. So what I need to do is be patient, and be good to myself, and just know in my heart I will get there. I feel really positive about that. So, as I know I should’ve left the scale alone this morning….I am only human, and yes a bit scale obsessed to a point. But it is getting better. I am going to have some tough weigh ins a head of me now . I need to be prepared for them, take a deep breath, and keep in mind that it is normal.

On to the week ahead…… much as I feel sad my week of freedom from work has ended, there is a part of me that is happy to get back into the comfort of my routine. I need routine in my life (the control freak in me !), it makes me feel calm. I have a ton to do today to prepare for it, cooking for the week, and getting some things done around the house, and I would love to find time today to do a SS cardio session. I’ll see how it all goes.

I also want to get some reading in today. I am reading an excellent book right now and I suggest it. “Naturally Thin” by Bethany Frankle. If you are a reality tv fan as I am (guilty pleasure) you will know her from ” The Real Housewives of NYC”. she is a natural foods chef and has some really good strategies for portion control and eating out. I usually read these books and take what I can use from the advice and leave the rest. I intend to keep up what I am doing now, because I have learned the hard way : “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it !” That being said, I like her thinking, it is logical, and makes a lot of sense to me. I will use most of what she outlines in the book when I am finally at goal and I am working on maintaining . It is a good read though, it is written like she is talking to you, and it is easy to understand and relate to.

Ok enough rambling for one Sunday ! I am off to start my day and get things done !

3 Responses to “Confession Time……………”

  1. Nancy said

    Susan, I did the same thing. I weighed myself last Sunday after not being particularly pleased with Saturday’s weigh in. I don’t know how or why, but I resisted doing the same thing today. I’m at a point where I have about 7lbs to lose to get to my goal weight and it’s so frustrating! I’m trying to mix-up my workouts and increase them in order to help the process along. I’m glad you mentioned that book. I’m going to look for it. I like common sense, logical help with weight loss. Thanks! Nancy

  2. Alana Jeffries said

    A friend of mine is suggesting I use Flavor Magic Portion Control Sheets, which she describes as basically a portioning guide that also seasons the food. Kind of like the “palm of hand” rule, but more accurate. Does anyone have input on this one? She claims it is working for her with home cooking. I want to give it a shot but it looks like it is only available online.

  3. cutecynicalchubbygirl said

    Hi Susan,

    I have always been a chronic scale-hopper. I’m still trying to decide if I want to fight that urge or just go with it and make note of my daily weights…

    Any advice? Congrats on being SO CLOSE to your goal. I can’t wait until I am where you are.

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