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The Aftermath :

Posted by Susan on March 22, 2009

Yesterday I was disappointed in my small loss in weight. Today is a new day, and I am feeling less disappointment and much more determined to pull a bigger number next week. I have all the time in the world this week to do extra cardio, and really take my time with my circuits. I feel like I am going to do better next week, I feel positive and definately more motivated. I can not turn back now, I worked too hard to get here and I am not going to allow myself to get discouraged.

I have tons of plans for the coming week. Today, I plan on doing a good long cardio session. I want to do a 30 min. warm up walk on the treadmill, then a 45 min. spin class, followed by a 45 min. elliptical session. I know it is kind of extreme, but I feel the need to take advantage of this week of free time, use it well. My yard is a total mess, so I plan on taking the nice days and working outdoors, getting fresh air. I also have a few closets in my home that need organizing, for the rainy days that are possible. I plan on working out in the mornings as I usually do, and adding some extra cardio at lunch time, I have plans with friends I never get to hang out with too. I feel like all this planning will help me NOT eat out of boredom. I am using this vacation time to teach me some lessons. Aside from wanting to lose weight, I also want to teach myself new behaviors. I know very well what my food issues and triggers are. The trick , I think, is to find ways to re-route my thinking. I am excited to see how I handle it all. I can remember when I hated taking time off, because I would always end up weighing more when it was over. I need to enjoy the time off and not sabbotage all of my hard work at the same time. A challenge, but I am up for it !

So the week to come, I predict, will be good. It will be fun, relaxing , and very interesting . I will see how far I’ve actually come in changing not only my eating and exercise habit, but my behaviors as well.

*** Blog Update: I did the extra cardio today. I did 30 min. power walk, 45 min. elliptical, but just 30 min. of bike, not time for a spin class, not to mention I was pretty tired ! But I am really happy about doing what I said I would do . Food was good today too.

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Weekly Weigh In :

Posted by Susan on March 21, 2009

Ok, I knew this would happen sooner or later, but I have to admit I am disappointed. I only lost 1.2 lbs. Was it the two days of eating “party food” last weekend? Thankfully , the party season has officially ended and I am able to get my eating completely back on schedual……….I will see what next week brings.
I have no idea why I am so bummed out about todays weigh-in………I mean I did lose after all, I did not gain, but I still feel like crap about it. I guess I’ve been spoiled by the consistantly high numbers I’ve been pulling for the past few weeks.
I am off this week and plan on adding extra cardio, and also eating very carfully. I need to change my mind set here…….I need to keep reminding myself that any loss is good, and that the less I have to lose the longer it will take to lose it. My head knows all this, it is basic info. and it is normal. But emotionally, I hate it, and it makes me fear I will never lose weight again. That I will just stall out and never reach my goals………irrational thinking, but still the fear still there.
On a lighter note……this morning , bright and early I dragged my husband out to get me a copy of “Twilight”. I am sure I will be watching it all weekend ! I am looking forward to a nice peaceful weekend, no real plans , no parties, or people coming over………..I am grateful for that !

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V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Susan on March 20, 2009

As of 3:30pm today I am offically on vacation ! I am not going anywhere, just hanging at home, but I am excited about it. I have a lot of things planned. Extra cardio workouts, dinners with friends (I’ve already researched both restraunts, and picked out what I am ordering, looked up the calories and I am ready to go !), plus I have closets to clean and a yard that needs some major attention , so I have plenty to keep me busy and away from yet another one of my food issues….eating out of boredom.

Tomorrow is my weekly weigh in. I am a little nervous. I have been losing weight pretty consistantly the past 3 or 4 weeks now and I know sooner or later I will start slowing down. In the past few weeks I could feel I’d lost, I felt different. This week I just don’t feel it. I don’t feel like I’ve gained, but I do not feel like I’ve lost………I will find out soon enough tomorrow I guess.

This week I ran my butt off at work, got in all of my workouts, and eat well aside from Sunday’s bread-fest ! I am interested to see if I can continue all of my good behavior next week when my schedual is so different , and I have more access to food. As long as I track everything I eat I should be ok.

It will be a challenge and the whole point of this journey is not only to lose the pounds, but to learn to handle and conquer all (at least most anyway) of my eatting issues and to learn to live my life and navigate sucessfully around food.

So happy vacation to me ! It may be a sucess, and it may be a total mess…….but either way it will teach me something that will help me on this journey !!!!!

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Party #2 : (didn’t do so hot !)

Posted by Susan on March 15, 2009

The second party of my weekend of birthday celebrations did not go as well as I had planned. I ended up eating bread, something I had not planned for. It was sooo fresh and so yummy ! I still did not go over the higher range of my daily calorie alottment, but I didn’t do as well as I would have liked to. But I refuse to beat myself up over it…..just isolate it and move on .

I am just really glad that all the party activities are over and I have an entire week to make up for my bread sins. I am looking forward to getting my life back to normal tomorrow. I can’t wait to workout tomorrow and eat normal stuff and get back to normal. I was really stressed about this weekend and although I did not do perfect (today especially) I did a lot better than I’ve done in the past. I used to use special events as an excuse to go crazy, and I always felt sick and awful afterward not only from the food but from guilt as well. This time I am happy to say that even with the unplanned bread I still did ok and I definately did not binge……that is big progress for me. There are all kinds of bumps and twists and turns in this jouney. I need to learn to navigate my way around them and get through as best I can. I had a little stumble today….but tomorrow is a new day !!!!!

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One Party Down, One To Go !

Posted by Susan on March 15, 2009

Yesterday was fun ! I threw a birthday party for my niece Katelynn. She turned 8 yesterday. I made the cake, it came out really cute I was very proud of it ! We had pizza and cake and ice cream. I figured the cake and pizza into my calories for the day, I skipped the ice cream with my cake. I didn’t go over the higher end of my calorie range, but i felt so bloated and over full at the end of the night ! Yuck ! But at least I got to eat like everyone else and didn’t feel deprived. I am in this for life and parties and things that include food are inevitable. I need to learn how to participate without blowing up my diet. It is way easier to plan ahead when you are the one throwing the party or get together, because it makes it a lot easier to plan out the food you eat.

Today another party. This one is for my husband. We are having pasta and meatballs , and ice cream cake. I’ve planned out all my calories for the day, and I am ready. I know exactly what I will have, how much, and I feel good about it. I will be happy to get back to the food I am comfortable with, but this weekend is a good lesson for me. I need to learn to manage my calories.

The week ahead will be nothing different. I will be doing my circuit training 3x this week, HIIT 20 min. afterward. Two days this week I will be doing SS cardio for 45 min. I will be IF 2 days this week, Tues. and Fri. I will be tracking all food and calories as usual. I am ready to get back into my routine.

This week is the last week for me before I am on vacation for a week. I am not sure how that week will go. I will be off routine, and my husband will be working, so I have to fight “boredom eating”. Another one of my many eating issues. It will be good for me to figure out ways to keep busy and NOT eat out of boredom. I have PLENTY to do around the house and in the yard. It should not be too hard to find things to do. Plus it will give me a chance to do some extra workouts, take a yoga class or a spin class and add it to my regular workouts. We’ll see how it goes. I think I will be ok……I just need to think before I eat something.
Anyway, I am off to straighten out the house and get myself ready for another party day ! Have a great week !

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Saturday Morning Weigh In: Finally In the 150’s

Posted by Susan on March 14, 2009

Today’s weigh in was great………….I am finally in the 150’s, I am 5-7 lbs. less then the day I got married !!!!!! I would say I was about 165-167 that day. I am as of today 159.2 !!!!! (doing the happy dance over here !) I keep waiting for this weight loss to slow down, but for some strange reason it is going faster and better than it ever has. The only thing I would say I am doing different would be the IF 2x a week. It is truely making a difference. Here are my stats for this week:

Weight : 159.2 – 3.2 lbs.

Fat % : 36.2 – 1.2 %

BMI : 23.7 – 1.7

I was getting into the shower the other night and walked by the mirror and did a double take. I have not seen my body like this since I was in my late 20’s. It was wild. I can’t believe how much time I have wasted with all types of crazy programs. As far as I am concerned, all workouts programs work, you just have to commit to them and do them consistantly. But diet is another story. The only way to lose weight (in my opinion) is to be dilligent about calorie intake and be sure that you have a calorie deficit……since following this approach I have had dramatic results. I have been trying to eat like a I am training for a figure comp. for like 2 yrs now and it got me nowhere !!! For me it doesn’t fit in my life. I want to eat out, I want to participate in food functions , and I want to live my life. I look at all of my fitness magazines and realize that theses women do not look this buff, and cut 24/7………They diet specially for the photo shoot, and yes they train and train hard, and it is to be respected and commended. But for the average woman like me…….I just want to not have any jiggle bits in a bikini this summer !

I will say this, I am so glad I found Turbulence Training…..circuit training has been very effective for me. I love it and will continue to do it in one form or another. I have my workouts planned in 4 week incriments, for the rest of the year. I will continue TT, and I also own both of Jillian Micheals books, she also has circuits in both books, and I have her 30 Day Shred video that I am planning on doing sometime in this year’s schedualed workout plan.

Needless to day I am very pleased that I reached my goal this week of 159 ! I am soooooooo excited that I am finally seeing results and that I am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I honestly have been working really hard on this for the past 2 years and seriously getting NOWHERE! I am grateful for finding a pretty painless way to do this and still live my life.

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Kinda stressed………………….

Posted by Susan on March 14, 2009

I’m sort of worried about this weekend. I am hosting 2 parties. One for my niece tomorrow, and a get together for my husbands birthday with his family on Sunday. This means up at the crack of dawn tomorrow to clean the house and get things ready, as well as try to prepare for the coming week.

Of course the coming weekend will also have a bunch of food challenges too. Tomorrow is a pizza party, with cake of course, and then Sunday will be a spaghetti dinner with cake too ! I am a little worried about how I will fare with 2 days of food I don’t usually eat around me. One day I can do, two….not so sure.

I figured my day calorie-wise for tomorrow, so I think I will be ok. I will deal with Sunday’s party the same, in the morning I will figure my calories for the day and try to work in what I will be serving.

I spent tonight shopping for food and gifts, and baking the cake for tomorrow. I will be spending the entire morning tomorrow cleaning the house and doing my laundry from last week, trying get as much done as I can before people arrive. Plus I still have to ice and decorate the cake and decorate things before the party. I am sure I will be fine, but the thought of it from where I stand right now looks so daunting.

Tomorrow morning is my weekly weigh in. I was really good this week with my eating, and I was able to get in all my circuit training and cardio……I am feeling thinner, we’ll see what the scale brings tomorrow morning. I wanted to be in the 150’s tomorrow, but that means I need to lose at least 3 lbs. I will be happy with 2lbs., but would be thrilled it I lost 3. We shall see.

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Bad Day………

Posted by Susan on March 10, 2009

Today…….. not good. Food was perfect and I got in 40 min. of cardio. Work on the other hand was extremely challenging ! I get really frustrated. But I am glad to be home. My safe haven. I always try to tell myself that it is better to have an excellent personal life and a crappy 8 hours of work than the other way around. Tomorrow will be better….right?

On a brighter note, my knee is back to normal and I am able to workout again !!!! Yay!!!! It feel good to be back in the game, I was worried that I would take steps backward and I am so glad I rested it instead of trying to push the issue. I intend to workout an extra day this week, just to do a little making up. Plus I have a birthday party to throw on Saturday , so it will ne a necessary anyway.

Ok well, enough being a cry baby for one night, I will survive , and be much better tomorrow. at least I didn’t decide to chuck it all and eat whatever , have a pity party for myself. That is my usual reaction to stress.( I am looking for the positive here)

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Things I can not live without…….on this journey.

Posted by Susan on March 8, 2009

There are so many things that contribute to the 11 pounds I have lost this past month. I decided to make a list of some of them :

1. The constant love and support of my always tolerent husband (love you)

2. My trusty notebook, calorie counter book, and my calculator, I would be eating too much without those three items.

3.My HUGE water bottle. It holds 8 glasses of water , and I drink 2 of them a day

4. My I-pod shuffle, I can’t do cardio without music.

5. 100 calorie snacks………a lot of people don’t agree, but I NEED something sweet now and then and this is the safest way for me to have my sweet without throwing off my calorie count for the entire day.

6. 8 hours of sleep. I go to bed early, and wake up early. Every night, even weekends (unless something is planned and makes it impossible)

7. AM workouts. I work very early in the morning so I have to get up extremely early to workout. I do this because if I wait until after work I will never do it !

8. My little home gym. Over the years, I have tried sooooo many fitness programs. I’ve bought equipment, weights, bands, all kinds of things. When we bought this house I snagged an extra bedroom and made it into a little gym. If I couldn’t roll out of bed and walk downstairs to workout in the mornings I am not sure I would workout at all !

9. Breakfast. It is my favorite meal of the day, and I eat the same thing every day and love it. Egg whites (I buy them in little cartons, like Eggbeaters), with 1/4 cup of low fat cheese, and oatmeal….

10. My job. I am lucky enough to have a very physical job. I literally run all day for 7 therapists, doing all their filing, faxing, bringing patients to and from their therapy sessions……and a ton of other thing. I do complain about it sometimes, but I should be grateful that I don’t have to sit at a desk all day….it doesn’t help the weight battle.

11. Blogs. I get so much out of the blogs I read regularly. Inspiration. Motivation. It is so great to know that others understand the struggles, especially when when you don’t have a lot of friends who get it !

12. The Internet. There are so many resourses available . You can find the answers to so many diet and nutrician questions. It is a excellent tool.

13. Green tea. I love this stuff. It takes the edge off my hunger and it has saved me many times from eating when I thought I was hungry.

14. Small plates. I serve myself all my meals on small plates. It makes me feel like I am eating a full plate of food, when I am actually not…..dinner plates are massive, and if I were to fill one with food it would be a days worth of calories………it is all an optical illusion….but it works for me.

15. Old pictures of myself. One especially…it is from Christmas 2004, and I am huge. I remember when I first saw it…. I was heartbroken. I keep it on my fridge as a reminder of where I never want to be again.

16. My blog. It keeps me accountable, gives me a place to rant, to celebrate victories, it helps me stay on track, I am not sure anyone really reads it , but it is ultimately for me anyway.

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A New Week Ahead………………..

Posted by Susan on March 8, 2009

Here it is Sunday again, and that feeling of a new week, a new start. A clean slate. I am excited that my knee is back to normal and I will be able to resume my AM workouts, I really missed them. My number one goal for this week is to be in the 150’s (pounds) by Saturday’s weigh-in. I don’t care if I am 159 ! I just want to see something , anything in the 50’s.
I am toying with possibly adding some outdoor activity into my program a few days a week. The weather is getting better, the time has changed so it is lighter later, I am thinking it would be nice to do some power walking some days after work. I am thinking about it. As the days get warmer, the whole idea will becomes more and more attractive.
This week will be the usual, working out every morning, curcuits and HIIT on the bike 3 days, cardio 3 days. Tracking all of my calories, keeping within a 1200-1500 range, IF 2 days this week. There are no celebrations this week until Saturday. It is my niece’s birthday, and we are having a family party here. I am making a cake for her (pink) and we are having pizza. I will plan pizza into my calorie count for the day, and hopefully I will not have a panic attack about it like this week. The one good thing about it is the party falls on my weigh-in day, and usually that adds to my motivation ! I see the scale, and especially if it is a good number, I get some extra determination to make sure I keep the calories down. Also having the party at my house, I will have to play hostess, and that will keep me out of the food……..I hope. Anyway, I will cross that bridge when I come to it.
I am looking forward to the coming week, injury free ! I am feeling really positive about things and I planning on really working hard this week. I want to enter 150’s this week !!!!! It’s been….God I can’t even remember the last time I was in the 150’s…….before my niece was born….over 8 yrs. ago. WOW ! That will definately be cause to celebrate huh?

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