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Could I Be Any Happier ????

Posted by Susan on April 5, 2009

I am begining this new week with so much hope and happiness. I can’t believe that I am actually 10 lbs. away from my ultimate goal. It has been a long road. I haven’t felt this excited and empowered in a long time.

Yesterday my husband and I went through some old pictures from past vacations and family events. Many of them (well all of them) were from a time when I was overweight, unhappy with how I looked and was feeling that I was digging myself deeper and deeper into the fat hole and had no way out. I remember those times so well.

I was reminded of the times when people felt they had the right to make comments , some subtle, some not so much, about my weight gain. I was not overweight all my life. I was always tall and thin growing up and into my mid-tthirties, then something changed. I remember a time when I wore jeans to work for a casual day. (I wear shapeless scubs usually). A girl came up to me and said, “wow, you are alot heavier than I thought you were”. Needless to say, I never wore jeans to work again. Another time I was on vacation with my now mother in law, and my now husband. We were ina restraunt having dinner and my mother inlaw looked at me from across the table and said, “You eat a lot , huh?”. I was horrified. So many, many comments I could go on and on.

The old pictures brought up a lot of painful memeories. But the fact that I was looking at them in the past tense was weird. I guess it is time to let go of all that pain and all that frustration and move forward. I have decided to do this by working on putting together a series of before and after pics. It will be a good way to celebrate the changes and move to the next chapter.

I am not sure when this will be ready for actual post, I still have insecurities in doing it, but I am definately going to do it because I feel it is an important part of this tranformation. What I am finding, surprisingly enough, is that this whole weight loss thing is so much more than going from fat to skinny. It changes you emotionally, and it changes the person you thought you were. It is growth in every sense of the word.

I am looking forward to the week ahead. I start a new Turbulence Training workout. It is different from the ones I’ve been doing and I can’t wait to try it. I am also excited to be back on the treadmill again because I’ve really missed it. I have my food all ready and planned out, and I am ready to get going and really work hard this week. Saturday’s weight loss has really given me motivation.

So onward…………Have a great week !

One Response to “Could I Be Any Happier ????”

  1. Kelly Olexa said

    Awesome!! Congratulations on how far you’ve come!! Keep pressing on and before you know it, you’ll be well past your goal!! 😉

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