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I got Tagged ! 8 Things

Posted by Susan on April 11, 2009

MackAttack over at Fat Buster Tagged me (this is my first tag ever, thanks hun !) So here are my 8 Things:

8 Things I am looking forward to:

1. My June vacation
2. The day when I feel comfortable enough to wear jeans to work on Casual Friday
3. Tomorrow’s workout ( I am just in the mood to workout for some reason)
4. Warm weather.
5. Buying new clothes when I hit my goal weight.
6. Being able to wear a swim suit at the lake this summer.
7. Sunday mornings.
8. The next movie in the Twilight Saga.

8 Things I did yesterday :

1. Worked out: TT circuits / 20 mins. HIIT on treadmill.
2. Went to work.
3. Got in trouble at work :(.
4. Got my hair cut, colored , and highlighted.
5. Spoke to my sister on the phone. (that’s everyday)
6. Cleaned the house.
7. Started laundry.
8. Had a movie night with my husband.

8 Things I wish I could do :

1. Become a Personal Trainer.
2. Quit my job of 18 years.
3. Be a stay at home wife. (never happen)
4. Win the lottery.
5. Eat anything I want and never get fat.
6. Be an excellent cook.
7. Have more time to spend with my husband.
8. Go away this summer on vacation somewhere

Ok, I really have no one to tag because I don’t have many readers, so if anyone who does read this and wants to………….Consider yourself TAGGED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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