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Remind me to never…………

Posted by Susan on April 16, 2009

…………………. try helping a friend along on the road to effective diet and exercise ! When I offered to help a friend I knew it would be a disaster. I knew I would get frustrated with her lack of motivation, (although she swears she is scared to death because the pound are piling up so quickly ), and dedication. Today a friend who I have spent a lot of time helping, by shopping with her, showing her body weight circuits, showing how to do interval training, and anything else I thought she could use, proceeded to tell me about how she ate everything and anything she could get her hands on over Easter. (Fri., Sat. , Sun., and Mon.) It was almost like she was bragging about it ! Then she told me she didn’t have time to exercise all week…she was TOO BUSY !

That is the one excuse I hate the most ! I hate when someone tells me they have not time to workout. Her big argument with me is always………..I have a husband and kids ! Because I don’t have kids I could not possibly understand. Well news flash ! I have no kids it is true, but I have a household to run just like everyone else, and a full time job, and my niece 2 times a week after school.

I make time because it means enough to me. Do not think for one minute that I love getting up at 3am every weekday to get a hour workout in before I go to work because I don’t ! I also don’t love going to bed before 8pm everynight so that I don’t night time snack. I do it because I want this THAT bad.

I think next time someone asks me how I’ve lost weight I will just tell them diet and exercise……and just leave it at that. If someone is not ready, then they will not hear what I am saying anyway. If they don’t want it badly enough, they can never commit to it, and never do the work involved.

I am just so very grateful that I found the resolved within myself to set a goal and stick to the road that will lead me there. I ask myself, during times when I feel doubtful, and the end seems to unattainable…………..and I am thinking I just CAN’T do this anymore ! Is it that I CAN’T do it? Or is it that I WON’T do it? Most of the time can’t means won’t , so I switch my mind set and just do it !


2 Responses to “Remind me to never…………”

  1. jessi said

    I know it must be really frustrating to put so much time and effort into helping your friend and have it feel like it was completely worthless. While I don’t think – no, scratch that – I KNOW I could NEVER get up at 3 to exercise, that’s what you have to do and that’s awesome. Maybe there is something else going on with your friend – emotional – that is keeping her from making the commitment. I’m sorry you are frustrated!!! Hang in there.

  2. Nancy said

    Eating healthy and exercising regularly…all of the time…is a lifestyle change. Some people are just not willing to do it. Some people think they are ready, but until they decide for themselves to devote the time and energy it takes to be a healthier person, it won’t matter how much help they are given. They need to want it bad enough themselves. I know it’s frustrating for you to want to help your friend, but she doesn’t seem to want it bad enough.

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