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Weekly Weigh In : Hit My First Goal Weight !!!!!!

Posted by Susan on April 18, 2009

I am one happy gal this morning ! I am officially at my first goal weight ! I am 150 lbs ! The last time I was this weight I was a sophmore in high school ! (and oddly enough thought I was fat !!!!!) I can’t beleive I am here ! Finally ! This week I upped my calories a little (by about 100-150 calories) because I was worried that I was losing too fast and worried about the potential of gaining it back just as quickly with one slip up down the road. Here are my stats for this week:

Weight : 150.6 = ( 2.2 lb. loss)

Fat % : 33.9 % = (0.8 % loss )

BMI : 22.4 = ( 0.2 point loss)

Last night I wore jeans and a T shirt in honor of the warm beautiful weather…….. definately could see a difference. The protruding belly and lovely muffin top over the jeans is gone (YAY!!!). I am really happy with my progress and I am ready to tackle goal # 2 : 140 lbs.

I want to work this weekend on possibly taking some progress pics, but honestly I am nervous about it. I am so afraid when I look at the pictures I will not be able to see the progress that shows on the scale. I see it in the mirror, but I worry that there will be nothing to be seen on film. I need to do it sooner or later……..I may as well just do it !

Today I decided to make a weight loss care package for my sister in law. I know I said I was not going to invest my energy trying to help friends on the path to weight loss…..but I’ve had time to rethink it……(thanks for the comment Jessi, it made me think ) I am going to do this differently this time though…. I will explain in a later post……. so stay tuned !

Today I have tons to do. I promised my niece a bike lesson today….she is totally embarassed of the whole training wheel stigma… my husband and I are taking her to a local school parking lot to get her on two wheels.

We also have a TON of yard work to do ! I want to change a lot of things in our yard and I will be pulling things up and replanting things. I figure that is great exercise……plus there are the normal weekend chores……food shopping, laundry, cooking for the week, cleaning the house….it never ends ! A full weekend ahead ! Have a good one !!!!!

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