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Sunday Morning

Posted by Susan on April 19, 2009

This morning I decided to try on some clothes that my sister left at my house because she didn’t have room for them at her house. I could never even attempt to try her clothes on….she is tall like me but tiny. She is usually a size 6. The clothes above are both size 6. I tried the dress on this past winter and could not even get it past the tops of my thighs. Today I got it on and got it zipped…….and aside for some slight snugness… fit ! The Tuxedo suit I absolutely love . It size 6 both pieces. To my huge surprise the pants fit ! The jacket did too !!!!! I actually fit into a size 6 !!!! I am 5’9″ remember……I do not ever remember wearing that size, it think I was an 8 in high school !!!
I am so amazed I cannot even put it into words. I love clothes, always have, but I have’t bought anything but nesessities in years ! I am so excited to get down to my second weight loss goal so I can do some major damage in the stores !
This morning’s little try on sessiongave me all the more motivated to make this week count ! I will be working hard and eating well . Today I will be cooking for the week and getting myself ready to start of a new week. I think that I will try on some of my summer stuff today to see what I have a, and what I need. I am so excited ! This is just the motivation I need!

3 Responses to “Sunday Morning”

  1. Nancy said

    Congrats! When you try on your summer things, be sure to make a pile of things that are too big for Good Will. That way if they aren’t around, you will subconsciously maintain your current weight. Oh, and those crackers I blogged about…they come in several different flavors. I got the pecan ones and just love them! And a serving is 16 crackers and only 130 calories. Enough crackers to fill your tummy as a snack. Have fun modeling all your clothes!

  2. MackAttack said

    That’s awesome! What a great achievement!

  3. jessi said

    congrats!!!!! that is so exciting!
    and I wanted to say thanks for mentioning me in your post the other day – I’m glad I was able to give you some perspective šŸ™‚

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