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Not Good !

Posted by Susan on April 22, 2009

Today I did something I haven’t done in a long time ………….. When I got to work this morning there was this lovely gift from a former patient sitting on counter in the Rehab Kitchen . Usually I am ok with temptation , I think about the calories , is it worth it ? Today I reverted to old habits and ate some . Not enough to make me sick (thankfully) but enough to have an adverse effect all the same ! For the past few months I have eated “tastes” of yummy sweets , but haven’t eaten much more than that. Today I would say I had about 6 of these little beauties (same as picture above ) .
The first thing I noticed was that the peaceful , calm , mood I have been in of late was not so peaceful . I felt jittery and nervous , like I used to. I felt terrible . I felt like I was rushing around for no reason and getting nowhere . I felt that my temper was short . There were moments that I literally went into the bathroom , or was alone in the elevator , and had to talk myself down and take deep breaths because I was feeling stressed. I used to feel this way before I got on track with me eating , before when I used to binge all weekend and try to make up for it during the week . I definately did NOT like the feeling , and the only thing I can think of that was different was the large amount of sugar ingested that I was not used to .
I don’t think I will indulge like that anymore , especially first thing in the morning ! Wether the reaction I experienced was from the actual chemical reaction to the sugar in my body , or just plain old guilt , I do not think a moments pleasure was worth a day of nervous energy and short tempers ! I like myself better (and I am sure others do too ) when I am balenced and even feeling . I guess it is good to mess up now and then . It teaches about what foods effect your body for the better , or for the worse !

One Response to “Not Good !”

  1. Nancy said

    I know I sure feel better when I’m eating healthier. I do think our bodies run smoother on healthier fuel! But don’t beat yourself up about it. One slip up won’t change your weight or affect your long term goals. It’s easier said than done, because I feel guilty if I have a bite of something not considered healthy. But we are only human. I think it’s days like what you had today that teach us that a healthy lifestyle really is the right route to take.

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