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Wish List

Posted by Susan on April 29, 2009

I thought it would be fun to make a Wish List . Not of crazy things like win a the lottery , or own a masion , but of things that are possible one day . I feel pretty satisfied with my life as it is right now . Sure I would love more money , more free time to spend with my husband , and I would love it if I did not HAVE to work . But all in all I am grateful for what I have . I figured I would make a list of realistic wishes , that can definately come true if I decide to make them happen . Here are my wishes : ( in no particular order )

1. To finally make it to my ultimate goal weight .

2. To have an entire new wordrobe once I hit that goal weight .

3. To run a 5k.

4. To find a new job in a totally different field where I will be able to dress everyday for work . ( I now wear scubs every single day and although it is easy , it gets really old !)

5. To become a certified personal trainer .

6. To write a sucessful blog.

7. To take another road trip with my husband . (when we were dating we took a 2 week road trip from Connecticut to Florida and had the best time together ! So many memories were made that trip ! )

8. To take some sort of art class , I would love to cultivate a more creative side .

9. To be a really good cook .

10. To be really good at entertaining guests , getting everything right from the food to the table setting .

11. To master the stupid jump rope !

12. To hike more than once a week .

13. To have the yard exactly as I envision it , everything clean and orderly, with all the things I want planted . ( $$$$$$$$ )

14. To finally have all the rooms in my house painted .

15. To finally make the wedding scapbook and album I’ve been wanting to make . ( We will have been married 2 years on June 2nd , and I still haven’t gotten to any of it ! )

16. To get a bike and ride the New England Rail Trails with my husband .

17. To have more time to read .

18. To , for once , suprise my husband when I give him a gift !

19. To sucessfully put down a Pergo floor in our basment with my husband .

20. To do an unassisted pull up .

Those are some of my (many) wishes . What do you wish for ? It is an interesting thought , especially when you list things that you can make a reality . Who knows ? Wishes do sometimes come true ! Time will tell !

3 Responses to “Wish List”

  1. Nancy said

    It’s fun having a wish list, especially when things are crossed off!


  2. Jen, a priorfatgirl said

    ooohhh – I like your list!

    #3 – cross it off, I know you can do it. push yourself, don’t let yourself stop. Do one mile, then walk for 3 minutes and do another. Keep going, I CAN’T wait till you cross it off!

    #6 – successful blog? How is this measured? cause you have people reading and we have never met in real life, so to me, YOU’RE SUCCESSFUL!!!


  3. Sal said

    I think you can cross 6 off too.

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