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First Day of Maintainance

Posted by Susan on May 31, 2009

The first thing I did yesterday morning was workout. Knowing that I’ve reached my goal weight (FINALLY!) it was motiviation to get my hour of exercise in. Then I decided to clean out the closet in our bathroom. This picture is embarassing to say the least ! I am usually a very organized person, but my closets need some help!

Anyway I needed a place to put my scale so that it was accessable to me every morning so that I can get into the habit of weighing myself every morning before my workout, so I decided to clean out the closet and put the scale in there out of sight.

I ended up throwing away one HUGE trash bag full of junk ! Below is the end result :

And here is the new home for my scale. (excuse the dusty corners, I took the pic before I vacumed the floor in there !)

I did my first weigh in this morning when I got up. I kind of worry about the whole daily weigh in thing. I don’t want to get obsessive about it, but I need to keep tabs on it somehow, so for now this is the only solution I can think of.

I upped my calories yesterday about 150 yesterday. I felt really weird eating more , but I am doing it and will continue to.

My sister gave me a bunch of cute tops yesterday that she doesn’t wear anymore. A few had tags still on them ! (she works in retail ) As I pulled each one out I looked at them and my first thought was…….oh this won’t fit. But when I tried on each shirt, sure enough, they all fit ! I am glad to have a few new things to add to my wordrobe !

We finished the front yard edging yesterday. It is coming together nicely. Now we have to wait for the shrubs I ordered to come in and mulch. Since we worked all day yesterday, we decided to make today the first offical day of vacation ! I am not sure what we are doing , but we are doing something fun! We are just going to relax and see how we feel before we decide.

I got up this morning after a good night’s sleep , and enjoying my green tea , waiting to see how the day unfolds. It feels good to know that I don’t have to run around preparing for the work week !

Look what I got this week ! I won this cookbook plus various goodies ! Amy ‘s blog “Fatty McButterpants ” had a give away and I won! My first time ever winning a give away ! The cookbook is great ! Thanks Amy!

I hope every one has a great Sunday !

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Weekly Weigh In : GOAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Susan on May 30, 2009

I did it ! Can you beleive it ???????? I hit it exactly ! I lost 2.6 lbs. this week making me 140 lbs. It is early Saturday morning and I am slightly in shock but extremely happy all the same !!!!
Wow ! I have been working on this since I got engaged in 2006. At the time it seemed like every pound I lost was just a drop in the bucket …….. a gigantic bucket ! I struggled , I made mistakes , I stopped and started, for 3 years. It wasn’t until the begining of this year, 2009, that I “got it” ! Finally ! Now I am doing a workout I love , and eating food , and not depriving myself , and everything has changed !
I know this sounds dramatic , but losing this weight has completely changed who I am . For the better ! I feel a shift in , not only my body, but my mind. I am different, and I like it !
Now I enter the next stage of my journey……..maintaining my weight and living my life using all the tools I’ve gained in these past 3-4 years . I feel as though I know what works , and what does not work for me. I feel differently toward food and exercise.
On to a whole new adventure ! I am up for it, and I plan on making it work !!! Here are my Goal sats for this week :
Weight : 140.0 (2.6 lbs.- Loss !!!!!!)
Fat % : 30.5 ( 30.5 – Loss )
BMI : 20.8 (o.4 – Loss )
Stay tuned as I figure out maintainance ! I am sure I will experience tons of ups and downs , because I have literally never done it before ! As of today (and for the next 2 weeks ) I am adding 200 calories to my daily total. That will bring me up to 1700 calories per day . It is kind of scarey , but I am just experimenting here. These calories will not be cake and cookie calories !!!! ( I wish !) They will be healthy calories in the form of fruit , veggies, whole grains, and protien. I will continue my workout programs 0f circuit training, SS cardio and HIIT mixed, and active rest days. Let’s see what happens !

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My Vacation Begins !

Posted by Susan on May 29, 2009

Today at 3:30 pm my vacation week began ! I went and got my hair cut and colored, and then came home and cleaned my entire house ! I washed floors, vaumed, scrubbed the bathroom, and now we are off to do the food shopping for the week ! I love it when everything is done ! I still have laundry and yardwork to do tomorrow , but at least the biggest part of my weekend chores are finished !

I still have a few projects I would like to get done this weekend , but all in all, I feel like I accomplished a lot already. I am doing everything now so that I can enjoy the week we have planned !

Since we don’t have the money this year to take a real vacation , we are doing a stay-cation instead. We have a lot of day trips planned and a special outting for our anniversary. This week will be a good challenge for me, because there will be a lot more eating out than I am used to. I need to learn to step out of my comfort zone of making all my food and see how I do out in the world when I am faced with food choices. I will try to enjoy myself as well as eat healthy. What a task ! It scares me to think about it, but I need to learn to do it and be ok with it. I get super stressed when I know I am eating out or away from home and I need to learn to relax and use the what I’ve learned these past months.

I am excited to have a week of freedom , and especially spending time with Matt ! We want to do some beach days (I live in a lake community), that means a swimsuit for the first time since we moved here 2 years ago ! That will be something huh? I plan on doing it though! I don’t look like a swimsuit model or anything, but I definately look better than I have in the past so that is something ! I am not going to allow fear to stand in my way. I plan on having fun and making the best of the entire week ! That means beach time !

Anyway, off we go to the grocery store , then shower and get to bed ! Another full day tomorrow , plus weekely weigh in. I worked out really hard this week so I am hoping that I lost the last few pounds that will put me at goal……..if not I won’t be upset. I am pretty much there as it is and I am happy with the way I am now. But it would be nice to begin this week knowing I am officailly at goal ! I guess we shall see tomorrow !

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The Mystery Of Maintainance

Posted by Susan on May 28, 2009

I have been scouring the internet looking for sites with information on maintaining weight loss. What I’ve found is there are millions of sites on how to lose the weight, but nothing about how to keep it off ! It is like some big mystery that no one wants to give you a clue about !

If I’ve learned anything during this half of my journey it is this ……………….. I need to do what works for me , and maybe this absence of information is a blessing in disguise for me , in a way . In the past I have been known to over-research things, and get utterly confused by all the advice . I would jump from this to that , and never really get anywhere at all. The way I lost the weight in the first place was sticking to the basics . No crazy programs or diets ( maybe because I tried them all and nothing worked !) , just IN vs OUT !

So I have decided to go at this alone using my own common sense and the knowledge I’ve gained during the losing phase of my journey. Here are the things I know work and I know I can live with :

– Keep balence in my life while maintaining, if I know I will eat heavy at a certain meal, (because of a holiday or special occasion) eat lighter at other meals .

– weigh myself regularly (maybe daily at first ) to keep track of how I am doing

– Keep calories between 1800 – 2000 per day , upping my calories (with healthy foods ) slowly , maybe 100-200 every 2 weeks , keeping track of my weight fluctuations

-Keep tracking calories and portions

– Plan whenever possible ! When it is not possible , keep portions under control and make the best choice possible

– Continue to try new healthy recipes

-Live life ! If birthday cake is being served , and I want a piece , eat it, just keep it a small piece, enjoy , but keep under control. If I go over board once in a while , or I eat something not so great , forget it and move on !

-Continue my current exercise routine. I love it and it works for me ! I understand that working out is a must if I want to maintain this weight loss and I am willing and committed to keeping a up .

– Continue to keep active as much as possible with hiking , biking and anything else I feel like trying !

So that is the plan for now . It is really important to me to keep this up and never slide back to my old habits. I never want to be in the binge cycle again , I never want to be up nights with reflux issues because I over stuffed myself at a meal, I never want to be crying in a dressing room because everything I try on makes me look as big as a house , I never want to be afraid to wear a swim suit in public, and I never want my over weight body to be an issue again.

I want to make this maintainance thing my life. I want to live by this indefinately ! So that means it has to be sustainable . It has to be something that I can live with. I read a lot of blogs written by “former fat chicks ” and they have learned to balence life with healthy eating and I am determined to do that too ! ( with a little chocolate thrown in ! )

I guess what I need to do is to throw the same amount of work and focus into this phase of the diet game as I did the first phase ! To decide and commit to it . Yes I can be more flexible ( not at first, but once I get the hang of it ) , but I also need to keep mindful of where I want to spend calories. What is worth it and what is not. I will get the hang of it eventually.

Having a little plan in my head makes the prospect of maintaining a little less scarey, and a little less mysterious. Whatever doesn’t work I will just tweek until it does. There is always a solution if I think it through and I will find the solution to this as well !!!

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Vegetables…………… found love?

Posted by Susan on May 27, 2009

All of my life , I’ve hated vegeatables . I would do an iceburg lettuce salad , but that was about the extent of it. In the last few years I’ve branched out a little . I stated eating Spring Mix , cucumber salads a few years ago , and again ….. for a long time that was it !

Lately I have been “trying” new things. Guess what ? So far , what I’ve tried has been pretty good ! I now eat raw spinach as my salad veggie instead of lettuce. I’ve tried and loved butternut and spaghetti squash. I now love peppers and onions in my turkley meatloaf , anf this week the plan it to try sugar snap peas !

It is exciting to try things and find that I actually like them . I am proud of myself for staying open minded to them. I am noticing that I feel better because of eating them. What a difference I see in myself when I put “good food ” into it !

I hope that year from now , I be eating even more of them !

I am also proud of myself for trying new recipes. I never bothered to even try before. Now I try to fins a new on to try (and incorporate veggies in them) every week. I love the Hungry Girl recipes the best because I am able to take my fattening favs, and making them low cal and healthier !

This week I am so out of wack ! The weekend of erratic sleeping and totally being off schedual has left me feeling sluggish, and energy depleted . I am once agian going to bed early tonight in hopes to catch up a bit and feel better !

Getting enough sleep has been a huge part of my weight loss program. I like to go to bed early and wake up early, even on weekends. This weekend I was unable to stick to that , and in return , I feel like crap now ! Either that or I am just so anxious to be on vacation, that I just have can’t function ! Only 2 more work days ! That’s it !!!!!!

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Headache !

Posted by Susan on May 26, 2009

After a great weekend, I was draggin today! Too many early mornings and late nights and a lot of hard work out in the yard equals a really bad first day of the work week ! I had a blog post idea all set for today , but I just can’t concentrate. By 2:00 pm today I had a massive headache and I am seariously getting to bed soon ! (it is only 6:30 pm but I feel like crap! ) I will be back tomorrow with a clear head ! What I need right now is some good quality sleep !!!

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A Busy But Wonderful Weekend !

Posted by Susan on May 25, 2009

This was a busy weekend ! We started a yard project and today it really started coming together ! We worked all morning digging up rocks, came home and got to work ! We got half of the yard done and we are exhausted but very very happy ! I have a specific vision for how I want the front of the house to look , and it is FINALLY taking shape !!!! It is exciting and although it is a lot of hard work , it was definately worth the effort because I love how it came out ! It was a win/win day ! We made a dent in the yard work and I got to spend the day (the past 3 days actually) with my favorite person in

Last night I tried on my swimsuit. I tried it on when I was 160 lbs. and wasn’t too thrilled. Since I am now almost 140 lbs. and I really want to go to the beach while we are on vacation in 2 weeks, I decided last night to try it on again. I was ok with it ! Aside from being winter pale, it didn’t look too bad ! I could wear it and not feel like a fatty I think ! I will say I was satisfied with how it looked. I will maybe take a photo of myself in it when I finally have some color, we will see !

This is my last week of work before we begin our June vacation. We can’t wait ! the count down begins ………………… 4 days till we are free !!! As I’ve mentioned , this week off will be our 2 year Wedding Anniversary week, and we have a bunch of day trips planned . I can’t wait to spend time with my husband and be able to relax and enjoy time away from work !!!!!
Knowing there are only 4 days of work this week helps make going back to work after a long weekend off a lot less painful , for sure ! Have a great week all !

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New Project

Posted by Susan on May 24, 2009

My husband Matt and I have a new project . For months now we have been looking for some sort of edging to go around our yard. We priced different kinds of stone blocks and everything was sooo expensive, and we need a LOT of it ! I came up with the bright idea of using natural stone but that was expensive too ! So we decided to hit everyone we know up for rocks ! Today we went on our first rock hunt on my sister-in-laws property. I’ve already exhausted every rock in my own yard !

We did pretty well with today’s haul. Tomorrow we are off to search my mother-in-laws property for more. It is kind of fun, and a pretty good workout too ! The stone looks good in the yard and we are not spending a ton of money, so now we can concentrate on what we want to put inside the edged off areas and don’t have to be as limited. I am thinking Boxwood shrubs, we will be looking into it.

We had a fun time rock hunting , but we need a lot more to finish the yard ! I am just happy we are getting it done. My goal was to have the yard in order by our July 4th Party ( we host the July 4th and Christmas Eve family get togethers every year ). I didn’t think we would make it but now I am thinking we just might , by the skin of our teeth……….

This morning we helped my brother and his family move into their new home before we went on our rock hunting expedition . I packed myself a drink and some snacks because I didn’t know when I would get home and I didn’t want to get stuck either not eating, or eating something I shouldn’t. We ended up home by 12:00 , so I was about to make lunch before we left the house again , when my husband suggested that we go to Mc Donalds to eat before the rock search. At first I said no, but I knew he would eat nothing if I said it, so I agreed . (I spent 15 min going over calorie counts and looking up what foods were ok for me to eat) I ended up having a burger, plain, and no fries. I fit it into my count for the day. I need to be able to be flexible with my eating, and we very rarely eat fast food so what does it hurt. I did have a few french fries from my husbands order ( 3 or 4), and I was satisfied ! The burger was good and because I did not stuff myself as I once would do, I wasn’t sick afterward. It felt good to eat “normal” and still not go nuts…….something I work on constantly and probably something I will have to be aware of for the rest of my life !

I was happy the I showed restraint , that I participated in a fun , spur of the moment treat, and I didn’t walk away feeling like I undid all the good I’ve been doing ! It felt great ! Mission Mickey D’s accomplished !

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A Great Dinner and New Clothes

Posted by Susan on May 24, 2009

Tonight , once again, I made spaghetti squash! I love it and was dying to try it with tomato sauce ! I made the squash, and had my husband grill some portabella mushrooms for me . I heated up some sauce and put it all together. To finish it off , I topped it with some fat free parm. cheese.

It was AMAZING ! So good ! To me it tasted like a huge bowl of pasta ! The entire meal was less than 300 calories and I was full when I was done ! I even forgot my dessert….but remembered later and had it then !

After Dinner I ran out to the store my sister manages to see if she could help me find some clothes, or at least fit me so I can determine my actual size. In regular pants I am a 7-8. In dress pants I am a 6 ! A 6 ??????? Yeah , a 6 !! I tried on a whole bunch of things I would never have picked out . I pretty much stood in the dressing room in my underwear while she handed me things. I found a lot of cute things , but I definately do not have the money to buy everything all at once so I settled on these for now.

Matt and I made a deal. Since I need everything……….and I mean everything……….We decided I would buy one outfit once a month. So at the end of June I can buy something else. I have a whole bunch of things I tried on that I loved so this will be fun. Sooner or later I will build a wordrobe. I am trying to buy some basic stuff for now.
I am really happy that at least I didn’t feel so frustrated with the prospect of buying clothes this time ! And I am so lucky to have a sister to help me ! She is so great and knows me so well. She also isn’t afraid to tell me when things don’t look right on me ! I can’t wait to wear me new clothes and I can’t wait to buy more !!!!!!

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Saturday Morning Weigh In :

Posted by Susan on May 23, 2009

Wow ! I am so close I can almost taste it !!!!!!! I am a little more than 2 pounds away from my goal weight !!!!! A part of me is estatic, another part of me is shocked, and still another part of me is scared to death of the hit or miss challenge of maintaining this weight loss long term !

I was hoping that I would be at goal wieght by my 2nd Wedding Anniversary , the first week of June. We are off that week and it would be nice to be in maintainance mode by then. I thought it was a long shot, but now I am not so sure ……. it may be a possibility. I guess we shall see.

I added extra exercise to my life the past few weeks in the form of both SS and HIIT. I do some form of HIIT every day , either on the spin bike or the treadmill for 30 min. I also added extra SS cardio on Saturday mornings and Hiking on Sundays. It seems to be helping the scale move toward my goal.

I also added some extra calories to my diet . That is the biggest fear I have about maintaining. Adding calories ! I have a really strong “diet” mind set and now I have to relax it a bit ( not too much though! ) . I know that as long as I keep working out I will be able to eat more, but the thought of adding calories is scarey. I read somewhere to add 200 calories every 2 weeks. I am supposed to need a little over 2000 calories to maintain 140 lbs. that seems like a lot but if you think about it it really isn’t , I guess. I am active and plan to keep up the activity indefinately . I have that ingrained in my head right now! Keeping up the wokouts is the price I have to pay to keep the weight off. One hour a day , that’s all. Everything in life comes with a price , and working out is my price. That’s all there is to it ! Here are my stats for this week :

Weight : 142.6 ( 2.4 lb. Loss )

Fat % : 30.7 (1. Loss )

BMI : 21.2 (o.4 Loss )

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