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New Goal

Posted by Susan on May 2, 2009

Today my ( skinny ) sister gave me these really cute jeans . They are too big for her ( of course ). They are a size 7 but a teeny-tiny size 7 . I tried them on and I was able to get them on and zipped and buttoned , but they were skin tight ! I decided to make them my new goal pants . I love them , they are so cute !

I was so inspired by these that I pushed myself into doing 60 min. of extra cardio today ! I usually take Saturday as an active rest day , but these jeans changed that plan ! I did 30 mins. of SS cardio on the spin bike , and 30 min. of elliptical on one of the fat burning programs .

I realize that the best way to combat supposed hunger between meals ( you know , you just ate but are still hungry type of hunger ) is to do some cardio . I was not hungry anymore once I started moving .

Once I fit into these jeans I will wear them to Casual Day at work . I have avioded casual day for years because some thoughtless co-worker commented on how big I was once when I wore jeans . I never wore anything but scrubs ever since . When I fit into these well , I will wear them though ! The co-worker no longer works for our company , but I will still feel like I have accomplished something if I am able to wear jeans and finally look good in them !

2 Responses to “New Goal”

  1. Nancy said

    You’ll get there! Have fun meeting your goal!


  2. syl said

    I love goal clothes, they make you work that much harder.
    You’ll be there in no time!

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