All Things In Moderation

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Week In Review / Week Ahead

Posted by Susan on May 3, 2009

I just got home from our Sunday morning hike . I am very happy to report that it has become a Sunday Morning ritual for us now , and I couldn’t be happier about it ! Today’s hike was totally different , but just as beautiful ! I will blog more about it tomorrow . We decided to skip breakfast out today and just eat at home . I was glad because I stress about what to order and at least at home I know what I am eating and how it is cooked . I like that control . Plus, I love what I eat for breakfast so it is not a big deal .

Looking back on the past week I feel good about it . I was active every day , between work ( I don’t work a desk job , I am on the move all day ) , my daily workouts , and on weekends a whole lot of active rest activities , as well as the extra cardio I added yesterday , and our hike this morning , I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot !

As far as food goes I pretty much have a routine . I do get hungry here and there but by the time I do , a meal is an hour or so away. I can honestly say I think I have my food down . I still get the munchies at night . But I am better able to push it aside and not give in . I try to stay busy all day, active , so that I am tired at night and ready for sleep . If I feel that urge to eat something , I go to bed , read for a bit (it takes my mind off the snacking and makes me sleepy ) and just go to sleep .

I think that I did well this week all in all . I think that even though the actual number on the scale doesn’t show it , I can see it . I have to also remember that my fat % and BMI has definately been going down and that is also a victory .

This coming week I plan on keeping up working up hard , keeping active , and eating well . We have a Mother’s Day thing next weekend that I am kind of stressing about , but I will figure out something out when it comes closer. I beleive in planning whenever possible . I know that there will be times when things will be out of my control , like eating out unexpectedly , or going to someone elses house for events . But when I can plan , I do . Since the Mother’s Day thing next week will be within my control , I will plan something out that works for me .

So off we go into another week ! They pass quickly ! I hope everyone has a good one !

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