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Recipe Review :

Posted by Susan on May 5, 2009

This past weekend I did some cooking from the first Hungry Girl Cookbook. Both of them were super easy to prepare and not too expensive as far as ingredients went. I will review the best recipe first ! Onion Rings !

Every Saturday night my husnabd makes french fries for my niece and himself in the deep fryer and I am usually drooling. This weekend I had something yummy too ! These onion rings were awsome ! First off , the portion is huge and only 153 calories . I had my grilled outdoors turkey burger , (they had regular burgers ) and while they are fries I had onion rings and a spinach salad. I felt like I ate something bad , when I actually had something good ! I will definately make these again , soon !

The next recipe I tried was the Peanut Butter Fudge . These were simple to make . The problem was that they are made with pumkin puree, and I could taste the pumpkin , it over powered both the taste of the chocolate and the peanut butter . I love pumkin , but not with this combination . I had 2 , but ended up throwing the rest away . I wasn’t thrilled with the texture either . Instead of tasting like fudge , to me they tasted more like really undercooked brownies . I would not make them again. If I am going to have chocolate , Ineed it to taste like chocolate , ya know ?

This weekend I plan on trying the Butternut Squash Fries , and the English Muffin Pepperoni Pizzas. Stay tuned for reviews of both recipes next week !

2 Responses to “Recipe Review :”

  1. Jen, a priorfatgirl said

    I love onion rings – I can’t wait to try the recipe now! Thanks for testing it for me! 🙂

  2. Heidi said

    Great reveiws. I’m so excited to be getting this book. I’m tempted by the fudge even though you didn’t love it. HAHA.

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