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Happy Mother’s Day

Posted by Susan on May 10, 2009

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mom’s out there in blogland ! My Mom is no longer with me but I think about her with love today as well as everyday . I miss her very much . As I get older I see more clearly all the lessons she taught me , and all the ways I am like her . I also see how much I resemble her , and that makes me happy . Later today I will visit her and bring her some flowers as a thank you for raising me with the feeling that I was always loved unconditonally . For always making a home for me that was secure and safe . I love you Mom !

Although I don’t have my own Mom on this beautiful Mother’s Day , I do have my husband Matt’s Mom to celebrate . She is pretty awsome as well ! We have a fun day with her planned , and I am looking forward to it. We are not so much into giving gifts . We like to give time instead . So when special occasions come up, like today, we try to plan a special day and give that as our gift .

Thankfully is an incredible day here in Connecticut ! We had a back up plan just in case the weather didn’t cooperate , but since the sun is shining , the original plan is on ! I will blog more about it tomorrow .

Yesterday was crazy ! So much to do ! I got more than most of it done though . I did some cooking , all sucessful I must say , more on that later in the week . I ended up still cleaning the house at 9:30 pm !!! But I am done now, finishing the last of the laundry , I still have some cooking for the week to do later , but I feel almost caught up ! ( Whew ! )

So, everyone have a great day ! Stay active , stay focused and positive ! And all the Mom’s out there enjoy your very well earned day of celebration !!

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