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Information Overload

Posted by Susan on May 14, 2009

Pictured above is a fraction of my exercise and diet book collection . I have TONS of books containing every kind of diet and exercise program imaginable , and I’ve tried my hand at them all at one time or another . I was a true sucker for anything that promised miracle !

I was and still am a member of Spark . It is a great sight don’t get me wrong, but I was always looking for a better way. I would comb through the profiles , looking at people who made tremendous transformations and tried to emulate their programs . I tried to stick to a body builders diet , I did Body for Life , I did South Beach, Atkins, I did weight lifting programs, cardio until my legs felt like they would fall off ! I tried to be a matathoner , a triathete , I bought every protein powder and fat burner on the market. I bought every piece of exercise equipment that was working for other people. I would research every new idea to dealth.

I definately believe there is such a thing as information overload ! Too much info. can be as bad as not enough . All of these programs were good for the individuals who were doing them, but it didn’t mean they were good for me ! I would try something for a few weeks or a few months and move on to the next thing. Never giving myself a chance to reap any benifits . It was crazy and I was getting nowhere….wasting time and money.

Finally I got to the point where I was ready to give up completely. I figured I should just accept myself at the size I was , and stop all the maddness ! Deep down I knew I would never be happy with that though , and I am so glad that I never went that route.

It wasn’t until I decided that it was time to do what worked for me , that I began to see results. I knew I needed to find something I could live with , that I could find satisfaction in, and something that produced resuts. I knew that super restrictive was not something I could sustain for more than a few months at best . I don’t have the money to sink inot all the expensive powders and foods I didn’t even like !

I decided to get back to basics, eating normal food, keeping it as healthy as possible , counting calories, weighing and measuring portions , finding a workout program that I liked that didn’t leave me bored to tears, but wasn’t so difficult that I got frustrated . Once I did all that , everything else fell into place. The weight started to come off , I felt better, I looked better . My mood improved, my attitude did too.

I have stopped searching for that miracle. I’ve stopped trying to do what worked for someone else . I do my own thing, and it is very basic, but it works for me . I guess the bottom line is , you have to do something you can live with, something you enjoy, something that allows you to live a normal life. To enjoy special occasions and holidays, to go out to eat now and then.

I’ve learned more about myself and my body in the past 5 months than I have with all the research , profile reading , and book study I have done in the past 2 years . I know that I am doing something now that I can do forever . I am so glad to be off the merry go round .

I will keep all the books for now . One day I will just get rid of them all ,though. I am not longer on the never ending search . Looking at my rows and rows of books reminds me of how important it is to remember that I am unlike anyone else . My body works like no one elses . And most of all they remind me that the miracle can not be found in a book, it can only be found deep within myself .

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