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My very favorite day of the week ………… FRIDAY !

Posted by Susan on May 15, 2009

My favorite day of the week is finally upon me …. and I could not be happier ! It was a busy , hectic day at work , but coming home makes it all disappear ! I love Friday nights . I usually do some chores , take a nice hot shower and relax . tonight I decided to treat myself to a glass of wine out on the deck . It rained this morning here in Connecticut , but by mid-morning it was sunny and beautiful outside .

I have a lot on my “To Do List” this weekend , as always. I plan on working out tomorrow morning , doing the food shopping for the week , and I have a shade garden I need to get planted . Also the usual laundry and housework . I think we are also planning some kind of outing tomorrow to take my niece on if it is nice , but we haven’t decided just what we are doing as of yet .

Tomorrow is also my weekly weigh in . I am not sure why I am always so excited about it . Maybe because I never allow myself near the scale all week . Maybe because I am so close (6 1/2 lbs away ) from my goal weight . I also am going into it knowing that I worked my butt off all week !

The weather report for Sunday is iffy , but we are planning a hike for Sunday at a trail we have never been to , so that is exciting too .

I am looking forward to a night of catching up on blog reading, watching a movie maybe , and just relaxing , with the knowledge that the alarm clock will not be going off at 3am tomorrow morning ! But ……… when I do get up , the first thing I will do is get my cardio session out of the way !!!!!

Happy Friday Everyone !!!!!!!!

One Response to “My very favorite day of the week ………… FRIDAY !”

  1. Heidi said

    Have a nice evening out on the deck! That’s part of my to-do list this weekend .. get the patio furniture out. Though my MIL says that will guarantee rain if I do that – heehee.

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