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Rainy Sunday

Posted by Susan on May 17, 2009

The cold rainy weather has put a halt on our Sunday hiking plans . The weather has been nuts this spring in Connecticut . They are predicting frost tonight and tomorrow night , then 70’s and 80’s by Thurs. and Fri. We are going to wait until noon and see if things clear up any , if not I am torn between taking a day off from working out ( I haven’t taken one for 2 weeks now ) or doing a some treadmill work and possibly trying a yoga class . ( I have a great collection of yoga videos I never use ) I guess I will see how things go .

My biggest fear is always boredom on Sundays . Boredom is one of my eating triggers. I got all of my work done yesterday because our planned hike for today was going to be a long one, and I didn’t want to be rushing around trying to get everything done . When I am bored , and not active , I start picking at things , I feel “hunger” that is not really there , and I hate that ! It is in my own best interest to stay busy !
I’ve been doing a lot of research on weight loss maintainance . There really isn’t that much out there , unfortunately ! There are millions of weight loss tips and articles , so many it could make you dizzy ! Maintainance ……….. not so much !

I did learn a few things though. Maintaining weight loss , and weight loss are pretty much the same thing ! I still need to keep track of calories , and portions . I still need to workout everyday for an hour ( I knew that anyway ! ) and I need to weigh myself frequently to keep things balenced . I guess what I am realizing is , that this journey is far from over ! It will be just as much work to keep it off as it did to lose it in the first place !
I am begining to accept the fact that this is my reality ! This is my life from now on . I will always need to keep myself in check , and always keep active . Thankfully , I like working out . I like trying new ways to incorporate physical activity into my life .
I also like eating healthier . I am enjoying trying new recipes , trying new veggies, ( I never liked vegetables , but I have been making myself try them , and they are better than I thought ! ) I especially love when I can find a recipe that remakes a junkfood into a healthy option ! I can live like this . I don’t feel deprived when I can exchange a squash frie with a regular french frie !
I am not saying I will never have junkie food again . That would be unrealistic . But I think that if healthy foods are the norm for me ……. a treat now and then won’t hurt me . I am still afraid of restaurants, vacations , family gatherings , and holidays . But I am hoping to plan as best I can , and learn along the way .
Next week should not be too bad . The knowledge that there is a 3 day weekend at the end of it will make it a lot less painful !!!!! Then we work a 4 day week and we are FINALLY in vacation ! Well actually it will be a “stay-cation” ! We are taking off the week of our wedding anniversary. We have a whole bunch of little day trips planned and a special Anniversary Day plan for the actual day . I am sooooooo looking forward to it ! Nice to have things to look ahead to.

I hope everyone has a good week ! Keep focused and active !

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