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My Vacation Begins !

Posted by Susan on May 29, 2009

Today at 3:30 pm my vacation week began ! I went and got my hair cut and colored, and then came home and cleaned my entire house ! I washed floors, vaumed, scrubbed the bathroom, and now we are off to do the food shopping for the week ! I love it when everything is done ! I still have laundry and yardwork to do tomorrow , but at least the biggest part of my weekend chores are finished !

I still have a few projects I would like to get done this weekend , but all in all, I feel like I accomplished a lot already. I am doing everything now so that I can enjoy the week we have planned !

Since we don’t have the money this year to take a real vacation , we are doing a stay-cation instead. We have a lot of day trips planned and a special outting for our anniversary. This week will be a good challenge for me, because there will be a lot more eating out than I am used to. I need to learn to step out of my comfort zone of making all my food and see how I do out in the world when I am faced with food choices. I will try to enjoy myself as well as eat healthy. What a task ! It scares me to think about it, but I need to learn to do it and be ok with it. I get super stressed when I know I am eating out or away from home and I need to learn to relax and use the what I’ve learned these past months.

I am excited to have a week of freedom , and especially spending time with Matt ! We want to do some beach days (I live in a lake community), that means a swimsuit for the first time since we moved here 2 years ago ! That will be something huh? I plan on doing it though! I don’t look like a swimsuit model or anything, but I definately look better than I have in the past so that is something ! I am not going to allow fear to stand in my way. I plan on having fun and making the best of the entire week ! That means beach time !

Anyway, off we go to the grocery store , then shower and get to bed ! Another full day tomorrow , plus weekely weigh in. I worked out really hard this week so I am hoping that I lost the last few pounds that will put me at goal……..if not I won’t be upset. I am pretty much there as it is and I am happy with the way I am now. But it would be nice to begin this week knowing I am officailly at goal ! I guess we shall see tomorrow !

One Response to “My Vacation Begins !”

  1. Tiffany said

    Sending Skinny vibes for tomorrow’s weigh-in!

    And I think you’ll do great with your choices in the coming week. 🙂

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