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Anniversary Part 1 : What We Did

Posted by Susan on June 3, 2009

Yesterday was a great day ! Nothing crazy, or exciting, but just the kind of day I love spending with Matt. A day of “whatever” !

We started the day visiting a cute little Breakfast/Lunch place in our town called Theo’s. It was the first time we’d been there, but definately not the last ! We moved here , to New Milford , CT, 2 weeks after we got married. We are still exploring the cute little town we live in. With work and life being busy, we haven’t had a chance to really see what the town has to offer.

Breakfast was sooooo good ! The atmosphere was clean and homey, the food was fresh and not overly greasey like most diner food.

After breakfast we walked around the town center. We stopped at the little shops , went to the Art Center , and even went and got library cards . Silly stuff but it was fun !

Next we revisited the scene of the crime ! This is where we got married 2 years ago under this grape arbor. The reason we chose this place was it was our favorite place to hike when we were dating. We came up here on Sundays mornings and always loved it !
We went for a hike on around the property. It was beautiful ! I forgot how much I loved those Sunday mornings there. It was really nice to revisit it.

We went home got cleaned up and then went to our favorite restaurant for dinner. After dinner we came home and watched our wedding video . We laughed over all the silly things we missed the other times we watched it ! We spent the rest of the evening having a movie marathon of True Blood.

It was a great day ……. nothing fancy, just a day spent remembering and being together. It was nice .

One Response to “Anniversary Part 1 : What We Did”

  1. Syl said

    What a great way to spend your anniversary, sometimes the simple things are the ones to remember!
    Glad you enjoyed your day oh and your STILL glowing! you look amazing my friend!

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