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Anniversary Pat 2 : What I Ate

Posted by Susan on June 3, 2009

I was not as worried and completely stressed out about the prospect of eating out today as I usually am. I’d already told myself that it was a special day, and I was free to eat what I wanted, but within reason ! In the past , the within reason stuff was usually where I fell short !

I’d never been to this restaurant before and wanted to really experience it and eat something good. I decided on the greek omelet, with rye toast and fried potatoes. It was soooo good ! Nothing was greasey like your usual diner food, everything was fresh. The fried potatoes were new potaotes with the skin on them with a little bit of onion.

I ate the entire omelet, half of the potatoes, and on slice of toast. I was stuffed ! But the idea of ME , ever leaving food on my plate is totally unheard of !!!!!! I never listen to my body when it is trying to tell me it is full. NEVER ! If something tasted good I would eat it until it was gone……no matter how stuffed I felt !

Now this is progress ! It is the New Me begining to surface, and I am soooo glad to see her ! I was full and I stopped ! ME!?

Anyway, that meal kept me satisfied the entire day. I didn’t need to eat, I wasn’t hungry……so I didn’t eat ! Another milestone ! In the past I would use the excuse of celebration, and eat all day long !

We went out for dinner around 7 pm. I has one dinner roll with butter. Then I ordered my favorite meal. Eggplant Parm. with a side of spaghetti. I ate about half of it and started to feel that full feeling again. So I stopped ! I took the rest home.

Another thing I have never done ! I always kept eating to the point where I felt as if I would bust ! And then have dessert on top of it ! How in the world did I eat all of that ?????? No wonder I would spend most nights after dinner out with reflux that kept me up all night long !
I had every intention of having dessert with dinner…… was a celebration after all. Matt is not one for sweets but he agreed to share one with me. By the time the meal ended , I was not wanting dessert. That never would have stopped me before. I would have had it anyway! And I would not have shared either ! I instead opted to have something at home if I wanted something later ……..but I never had it……. I wasn’t hungry for it, and I listened to my body.
When I got home I tracked the calories I had for my “free day” just for the heck of it. I wasn’t going to stress about it, I was just curious. I went a little over 2000 for the day. Not bad ! In the past when I allowed a day of freedom it would undoubtedly become a free for all ! I would stuff myself beyond the point of stuffed just because I could ! I had the mentality of “here is my chance ! who knows when I will get to eat whatever I want again !” and end up sick by the end of the day !
I have been telling myself that I was going to try to maintain my weight, and still live my life. To find a balance. What I learned today is that if I listen to my body when it tells me it is full, if I don’t overdo just because I can, and I make chioce that I really enjoy eating, I can occasionally splurge a little. I can live my life and enjoy celebrations. I can give myself some treats now and then.
What a great discovery ! I may just get this maintaining thing down after all !

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