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Size 14 to Size 6 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Susan on June 3, 2009

Today was HUGE for me ! I am so elated at this moment I am not even sure I can write this post clearly ! My hands are actually shaking as I type this! I had a re-cap all ready to post about my wonderful anniversary day with my hubby, but this new developement just could not wait !

Let me start at the begining. I love clothes. I always have. But in the past 8 years I’ve bought nothing except what was desperately needed. Whenever I was in the mood to splurge I would do so on shoes and handbags. I hated how I looked in clothes and had myself convinced that I just didn’t care anymore what I looked like anyway ! I lived in track pants and sweats , sneakers, and most of the time I would steal huge , shape hiding T-shirts from my husband. I HATED the Mall more than anything in the world because I would see so many cute things that I knew I could not wear.

Today, all that changed ! My sister and I planned weeks ago to go to the Mall today. As I posted a few weeks ago, I recently tried on all of my clothes (both winter and summer) and nothing fit ! I gave them all away and that left me with literally NOTHING ! My sister gave me a pair of size 8 jeans that I got into and wore with pride. (they no longer fit her) I have not been a size 8 since High School so I was extremely proud.

I have been hoarding a $50 gift card from the GAP for 2 years now. I got it for my birthday, but could not bring myself to use it then knowing I would be crying in the dressing room yet again. My sister and I planned to go out today and spend it , seeing I didn’t have any clothes anymore after my closet overhaul.

I was excited this morning, but a little scared too. I haven’t shopped in so long, the few times I’ve tried of late, left me frustrated , confused, and completely lost ! This time would be different I knew because my sister has incredible taste in clothing, and she is always honest with me about what looks right on me.

We walked into the Mall and you would have thought I was walking into the dentist office for a root canal ! I was nervous and terrified !I was immediately intimidated when we walked into the first store. It was a store full of junior sized clothes, but we heard that the prices were great. The sizes were really weird, everything cut really small .I tried on my first pair of cute denim capris and could not even get them over the top of my thighs ! I could feel a lump in my throat begining………oh no ! not again !!!!! My sister insisted I try on other sizes until we figured out how they ran. Finally, a pair fit and they looked really cute ! (not to mention they were only $10.99!) I bought them.

Next we went to the Gap . Now from the last store I had myself totally prepared for sizes to run small and that I probably would not be the size I expected I would be. We went straight for the sale rack and there were soo many cute things. I started to feel a little nervous again. I kept going fot the size 8’s, but my sister kept insisting that I take size 6’s into the dressing room too because Gap pants are cut bigger than the last store we were in. I kept saying no way but finally did as I was instructed !

Guess what??? I was a size 6 alright ! A SIZE 6 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was a size 16 forever, and then a size 14 forever too ! I ended up spending every single bit of my gift card on 2 pairs of jeans and a pair of shorts (all on sale !).

Now I was on a roll ! Full of adrenaline and ready to SHOP ! We headed over to Old Navy because my sister needed a new pair of skinny jeans. We took tons of things into the dressing room, and again we had the same arguement about sizes……..I took in both 6 and 8 to try, she brought in her usual size 6 !!!! Then the weirdest thing happened…..something that has never happened with us before. I discovered that again, the size 6’s fit best and my skinny sister and I were literally handing clothes back and forth over the dressing room divider . We fit in the same size ! For the first time since we were in our teens, and even then her pant sizes were almost always smaller than mine ! I am still in shock when I think about it !

I walked out of Old Navy with 2 more pairs of pants and 2 T shirts……………. Then I had to stop ! I was getting to the point where I was on such a high I wanted to shop and buy all day long !!!!!!!!

I am , at this moment the happiest with my body than I have ever been. I accept some of the loose skin and the imperfections. I am just happy to finally be out of the “fat suit” I felt trapped in for the past 8 years !

I am so glad that I did the work. The 3 am workouts, because it is the only time I have the time. The giving up friday night dinners out. The not eating any goodies at family gatherings. The going to bed early every night because I had to get my 8 hours of sleep in. The choking down gallons of water each day when I really wanted soda. It all boils down to this very moment in time. This moment where I can honestly say that I am where I have wanted to be for so long ! And it only motivates me all the more to keep myself in this place from now on !!!!!!

I hope all of this makes sense. I am still kind of on a shopping high !

8 Responses to “Size 14 to Size 6 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  1. Syl said

    Can you pass me a kleenex! I AM SO FRICKEN PROUD OF YOU!!!!
    I don't know you in real life but our stories are the same!
    I know exactly how you feel about a 6, I just recently got there!
    Susan somehow congratulations isn't enough so I will just say
    you are the BOMB!
    Now get into those clothes and get hubby to take some pictures!

  2. Tiffany said

    YAY!!!!!!! I'm so ecstatic for you. I could feel you beaming through my screen.

    For me, that was a truly motivating post. It gives me hope that I too can get to my goal with a lot of hard work and determination. After reading this, I can not wait to feel that same high you did today.

    You worked hard and you deserve it. You should be proud!

  3. mak'n Changes said

    OMG!!!! Im so happy for you! I can only imagine how that must have felt as you passed clothes back and forth between you and your sis. I bet you were all smiles and gittyness in your little dressing room. good for you! You worked hard to get it and now its yours!!!! Im WAY proud of you!


  4. skinny me! said

    Wow…so amazing!!! Big congrats! What an accomplishment!

  5. Jen, a priorfatgirl said

    OMG OMG OMG OMG, This is such a GREAT post! CONGRATULATIONS! I love your shopping trip & hope you remember those feeligns FOREVER!

  6. Heidi said

    Pass the kleenex here too. So happy for you!!!

    What a fantastic post (though we need pictures – heehee). You sound so happy. Congrats on all the great new clothes you found. Shopping is so much more fun when you feel good about yourself.

  7. Glam,Glitz&Gut said

    What an amazing post. What a total motivator. Congratulations!!

  8. Gina said

    Your post is so amazing. You must be so proud 🙂 I love your ending about how all the stuff you did (sometimes begrudginly) paid off to make this fantastic moment!!!

    You are an inspriation to all of us!!

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