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The Last Day of a Wonderful Vacation !

Posted by Susan on June 7, 2009

Well I never made it down to the beach this weekend as planned. It was supposed to be another thing checked off my “When I Get Skinny List” but our hike ran longer than expected this morning (5 miles longer !!!!!!!!!!) and I got home so late that my sister ended up going to her own beach and I just sat on the deck for a while.

Just long enough to get a little color so I look like I’ve been on vacation ! I will shoot for a beach day next weekend, I guess.

Hiking this morning was fun. We bought a book this week of best hiking trails in Connecticut and decided to try as many as we can this summer. We chose a hike that is the second half of the first hike we tried back in March. This was located in Bridgewater, a neighboring town.
It was beautiful, perfect…….until we got lost. It seems that the trails have changed since the book was published, and the map in the book was way off. So we ended up getting lost ! Five miles later we finally finished the trail ! We are both wiped out ! It was fun though.
We learned a something ………..check the internet for an updated trail maps before starting out, and bring water !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh well, we will be seasoned hikers by the time this summer is over ! Here are a few things I saw on my hike this morning.

We did a lot of climbing up hills, and a whole lot of walking , so I think I got my workout in anyway !
Tomorrow I go back to work after the best week ever ! I wish we were rich and we could live like we did this week forever……but I guess then it would not feel like such a treat!

4 Responses to “The Last Day of a Wonderful Vacation !”

  1. Erin said

    What an amazing trip! Sounds like a fabulous time 🙂

    The pics from your hike are absolutely gorgeous and make me want to plan out some hikes and trips of my own!!

    Thanks so much for the advice with the circuits and HIIT. I'm still barely walking/biking, but will definitely try to incorporate those as i get stronger.

    Have a great Monday!

  2. mak'n Changes said

    Girl, you were workin that swim suit! *wink* you look great! How scary that you got lost on your hike! definitly take water next time….crazy! glad you made it back safe.

  3. Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said

    I enjoyed reading your blog today. Sounds like a great trip.
    I love all the new blogs
    I have found. Quite a unique group.
    I love making new blogging friends..
    I have several Disney posts already on my blog and have several more to post. Hope you will stop by for a visit.

  4. Jen, a priorfatgirl said

    I love the toes on the beach towel picture – I'm totally jealous!

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