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Weekly Weigh In : 137.6 lbs.

Posted by Susan on June 13, 2009

My weigh in today has me confused. I never thought I would say this but I am still losing and that has me a little concerned. This morning I weighed in at 137.6. Not that I don’t like this number, because I do ! I just need to stop losing now.

I am 5’9″ tall . I had no intention of going into the 130’s at all. I must say I am liking the fact that I am begining to see some muscle definition due to the fact that there is a lot less fat covering the mucle now. But I do beleive there is such a thing as too skinny!

Wow ! I never in my wildest dreams thought I would be worried about a weigh in that is too low ! All these years of worrying about how high the number on the scale was………now I am stressing over how low it is ???

I had a long talk the other day with the dietitian at work. (you remember, the one I never listened to?) I wanted to thank her for the great advice she gave me last year. We got to talking about how to maintain. She told me she beleives I should be eating at least 2000 calories a day ! What ???? I almost fell off my chair ! That seems like such a high number !!! As it is , it has been really hard this week trying to eat 1700-1800. She explained that with the circuit training /HIIT that I do plus my very active job, I need to eat more. She said that if I cut back on the exercise I would need less.

Well, I love my workouts. They are quick, easy , and for me , the workouts have become a mental thing. They help me keep my head at work, they help keep my mood steady and they help tremendously in the management of stress. I do not want to cut them back.

This week I will experiment with the 2000 calorie thing, because I don’t want to lose anymore weight , I just want to stay right where I am. I just need to get over that paranoid feeling as I see the total number of calories climb higher !

The most difficult thing about maintaining is switching my mind out of diet mode ! I have been on some kind of diet for what seems like my entire life on and off. Turning it off , I am finding, is is extrememly hard ! I worry that I will slip back into bad habits, I worry that if I get out of the “zone” I will end up right back where I began.

I will make an effort to get myself up to 2000 calories this week. I need to experiment with it and see what happens at the end of the week next week.

3 Responses to “Weekly Weigh In : 137.6 lbs.”

  1. skinny me! said

    remember on my post when I say my Basal Metabolic Rate (basic amount of cals I need) was 1688? Well, I'm only 5ft 2. Maybe 2000 is about right, especially if you're still losing. You should try to find out what your BMR is.

  2. mak'n Changes said

    I'm interested to find out what happens. Isn't it interesting to learn ALL the different aspects of a healthy thin lifestyle. Thank you for sharing your adventures with me! (I say me because in my mind you write your posts just for me *wink*). Have an amazing week!

  3. Jen, a priorfatgirl said

    I agree, there is such a thing as too skinny. The hard part is trying to figure out just the right combination of food + workouts + enjoying life to = healthiness! Such a fine line!

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