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Weekly Weigh In :

Posted by Susan on June 20, 2009

This morning I weighed in (as you can see) at 138.6 lbs. That marks 3 weeks of sucessfully maintaining my goal weight ! Yay!
I think that , after much agonizing ,I have finally come up with the “magic number” in terms of calorie intake. I think that I am best off keeping it to the 1800 calorie range. I can go higher and lower as I need to according to socail plans that come up, but higher being no higher than 2000 if at all possible.
Tomorrow I am going to my FIL’s for Father’s Day. I am not sure what will be served food-wise, but I plan on eating light and working out before we go so that I am able to be a little more flexible and not be the odd man out. This particular part of the family ( Matt’s dad and his stepmother) are not very tolerant of my dieting. They make a big deal when I say no to certain foods, do a lot of eye rolling, and make comments. They haven’t seen me since Christmas , and am at least 40 lbs. lighter since then. I am sure they are going to be even more relentless with comments and watching everything I put in my mouth. I plan on eating what is served in reasonalbe portions and not listen to what anyone has to say.
Does anyone one else get that? Family members know you are watching what you eat, dieting , or see that you have lost weight , and then eye ball everything you eat and drink, sometimes asking, “your not going to eat all that are you?”. It is like they feel they have the right to monitor you. I think for the most part they do it in the spirit of well meaning……. but I must be honest, it really burns me !
I try to ignore it. When I was restrictive dieting, and refused things that were served in the past , and my body never changed, I used to imagine that they were saying after I left….. “for all the dieting she does, she never gets any thinner !”
I am sure that I am going to hear what I have been hearing lately, the new comment……”don’t lose anymore ! Maybe your too skinny!”. I feel like I need to defend myself , to make an official announcement to all friends and family……. ” THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR CONCERN , BUT I AM AT THIS MOMENT AT A HEATHY WEIGHT FOR MY HEIGHT !!!!”
Anyway, I will just endure it. I know what’s what and I am keeping track myself , and don’t need their help thank you very much ! (ha! ha!)
Well, I just got done working out and I need to get started. I have a To Do List a mile long . I am also hoping to put up a progress pic this weekend. The last one I posted was 149 lbs. I never posted anything for my goal weight. So much to do in so little time !!!!!! Have a great day !

3 Responses to “Weekly Weigh In :”

  1. Syl said

    as I read your posts for the last few weeks some of them break my heart. I can't say I feel your frustration or even know what you are going through but I do know that you will make it and you will get it and it will be soon.
    I can relate to your family situation. The other day my mom was over and I showed her two of my new tops she said "you better start eating you are skin and bone". She left and I was so upset I said to Peter is it true, and he said no she's just jealous. I just wish that she would be supportive of where I have come from and where I am today. No so!
    Anyways I just wanted to say that I hope things get easier for you really soon, you are strong you can make it!
    Have a great weekend.

  2. Jen, a priorfatgirl said

    I am so encouraged by your ability to maintain now for 3 weeks! Gives us all hope!! Can't wait for the FINAL picture!

  3. Erin said

    You are totally describing my experience at my in-laws that happened this weekend. Everyone did the 'don't lose anymore weight' and then obsessed over what i put on my plate like they were waiting for me to mess up.

    SO frustrating!

    I hope the event went well for you and you were able to enjoy your time with the fam-in-law!

    Congrats on successful maintenance for 3 weeks! That is awesome 🙂

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