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What’s New ?

Posted by Susan on June 24, 2009

This week, although STILL rainy and crappy in the weather department (when will it ever end !) has turned out to be pretty good in the life department ! Some things that I am really excited about have come up :

– I recieved a call from the woman I dog/house sit for. I’ve been taking care of her home and pets for over 8 years now every summer. I was afraid that she wouldn’t need me this summer but she does ! It is great money and just 10 min. away from my house. All I have to do is let the dogs out and feed them. I sometimes pick up the mail and water a few plants. It’s the easiest job I’ve ever had not to mention the best pay ! She booked me for a bunch of dates through out the summer and the fall. Guess what I plan to do with my extra cash??? Buy all new clothes !!!!! Stay tunes for some serious fashion shows in the future !

– Matt and I have finally booked our”honeymoon”. We never took a real honeymoon after we got married, we ended up moving out of my condo and moving into the home we are living in now within 3 weeks after the wedding. Our “honeymoon” was spent packing, signing papers, and moving. Since then we just have been too busy, or money was short. We are going to Virginia the first week of June 2010. We decided on the location because we can drive there (saving money on airfare and car rental), and there are a lot of things we’ve been wanting to do for a while now , very close by to where we will be staying. Plus we will be staying at his Dad’s time share (a wedding gift we never used) and it is a condo. We will be able to cook some meals there (saving not only money but calories for me!) and there is also a gym in the complex so I can get my workouts in ! I love road trips with my husband. We did them a lot when we were dating , so I am really looking forward to this trip !

– A girl I work with’s sister is the beauty editor for “Town and Country” magazine in NYC. She gets tons of free-be’s from all kinds of companys. Clothes, make-up, skin care products etc…. The girl I work with has some swanky (and totally out of my price range) jeans that she got from her sister and she decided they are not her style, so she is brining them for me tomorrow ! I am so excited ! I hope they fit ! I would NEVER spend $ 100 on a pair of jeans ever ! But I will definately take a pair for free !

So there is the “what’s new?” that is going on in my life this week ! It is a much better week than last and for that I am very happy !

3 Responses to “What’s New ?”

  1. Jen, a priorfatgirl said

    ooohhh….new, fancy jeans! Can't wait to hear about them! I bought my first pair of $100 jeans about 6 months ago, as a present to myself for getting down to my goal size. I feel special every time I put them on!

  2. Syl said

    can't wait to see the Jeans! how exciting!!!

  3. Erin said

    Sounds like some awesome developments.

    Great news about the dog/house sitting! Plus, clothes shopping sprees are always fun! 🙂

    Great news on the jeans! I'm with you – i find it tough to part with that much money for jeans. But it's such a nice treat/splurge! I'm planning to buy 1 pair when i reach my final goal 🙂

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